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The Passage – Justin Cronin
Without a doubt, this is my favourite book of the year so far. It was huge, it was gripping, it was just brilliant. I know now why so many people were raving about it when it came out. The army tries to create a longer-lived human race and ends up creating vampires, or something very similar. The book goes from the start of this story, to about 100 years ahead and occasionally further. You mainly follow the same characters and get very attached to them. The writing was excellent, the story was imaginative and the characters were very real. The ending was genius and made me want to cry. I’ve just downloaded book two from the Kindle store. I wonder how long I’ll be able to resist it.

Clockwise – Elle Strauss
I fancied something light so  had a look in the YA folder on the Kindle. This one looked promising and it wasn’t bad. It was indeed very light with maybe a bit more teen angst than I prefer, but I liked the story. I don’t think I’ll bother with the next book unless it comes up in a Kindle sale though.

The White Queen – Philippa Gregory
This is one of the books from my bargain boxed set from Costco. I bought the set as I’d seen the trailer for the TV adaptation of White Queen and it looked interesting. While I don’t read a great deal of historical fiction, I don’t mind the odd book if it takes my fancy. This one wasn’t bad at all. I liked the author’s writing style and enjoyed the story, which is based on the known facts of the period. I’m quite curious about the other books now but I’ll be taking a break before reading the next book as I think I’ll enjoy it more then.

Girls in Tears – Jacqueline Wilson
So, guess who had another vile migraine and needed something simple to read while it was wearing off? Oh yeah, that would be me again. Good job I had this in my bedside drawer, courtesy of Fliss and Jackie. I quite liked this story although I’m glad my best mate at school was nicer than the girls in this. Much nicer 🙂

After eight – Meg Cabot
I’m almost through these now so as I wasn’t in the mood for anything more complex, as I was still feeling quite rough, I grabbed book 8. I didn’t like this as much as the others though. Mia was just whiny throughout and apart from the stuff between her and Michael, there wasn’t a lot going on. I shall hope that book nine is better.

Life at the limit – Professor Sid Watkins
Another non-fic book for me. This is getting to be quite the habit. This book is by the chap who was the Grand Prix on-track surgeon for many years. He was responsible for many of the safety improvements in the sport. The book tells of his experiences in Formula 1 and details a lot of the events that I remember from watching it over the years. It was a fascinating read and very well written. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I went straight on to Amazon and got the sequel. Along with a couple of books by a Formula 1 mechanic that sounded interesting.

Dead ever after – Charlaine Harris
Thank you to Heidi for loaning me her copy of this so that I could read it before going to the author event in July. It’s only out in large format at the moment and I rarely buy books until they’re out in small paperback format. So, did I love this? I wasn’t singing and dancing about the last book but this one I did love. It’s the last book in the series and I thought it wrapped everything up excellently. There was more of a storyline than the last book with lots going on. I loved the ending. It was perfect, and just how I’d have liked things to turn out. I’ve really enjoyed this series, which I’ve been reading since the first book came out. I’ve also read the author’s other three series, and loved those too. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to write next.

Barefoot soldier – Johnson Beharry
Reading non-fic really is getting to be a habit. I would probably have left a bigger gap between this and my last bio but as this was a library book, it needed to be read fairly quickly.  We had a lovely peaceful walk at the National Memorial Arboretum a couple of weeks ago and I spotted this book in their excellent visitor centre. I was tempted to buy it but decided to see if the library  had it instead. It caught my eye as I remembered Beharry from dancing on ice, and recalled that I thought then that his story was an interesting one. The book takes you from his childhood in Grenada to after the events that led to him being awarded the VC. It was indeed interesting although some of the details about the military ops left me a bit confused as I couldn’t keep it all straight in my head. That didn’t detract from the very human story that was being told though, and I’m very glad that I read it.

Fury’s kiss – Karen Chance
I’d forgotten that I had this one, which is why it’s taken me so long to get around to  reading it. I do like this author’s books, particularly the Cassie Palmer series. I hadn’t been enjoying this series, the Dory Basarab books, quite as much although I did like them. That was until I read this one. It was excellent and I think I may like both series equally now. I loved the developments in this and can’t wait to see how the story continues given the unexpected ending.

Beautiful creatures – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
I quite fancied reading this but hadn’t decided whether to get it from the library or not. Then I found it in Costco, along with the three other books in the series. It was only a tenner for the boxed set so it seemed rude not to. Then I put them on the already full to bursting shelves and forgot about them. Yesterday I spotted them and made a start on the first book. This morning I finished it. Yes, it was that good. Ok, so it’s slightly teen-angsty but not as much as a lot of YA novels and I did enjoy all the little details about Lena’s life/family/world. I liked Lena and Ethan and I loved how the story progressed through the book. It was one of those books that made me want to read when I really should have been doing something else, although I will admit to having that problem rather a lot. I’m looking forward to books two to four now, but with so many books clamouring for attention, I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I get to them.

Buying trouble – Karen Chance
I was having a quick look on Amazon to see if this author had any more books out yet, as I’d just enjoyed Fury’s kiss so much. There weren’t any new novels but I did find this. It’s a short story and is a companion story to Midnight’s daughter. It’s told from Claire’s POV and fills in a gap in Midnight’s daughter. I loved it and wish it had gone on for longer. I do hope Karen Chance has another book out soon.



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2 thoughts on “Books read in June

  1. It’s way past time for a new Karen Chance in my opinion! I lose the thread of the story when it’s too long in between. I would agree that The Passage is ‘the’ book of June, I am so glad you mentioned it to me – book 2 is just as enjoyable but only about half the length sadly…roll on book 3 I say!


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