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Mini Venice Street – finished


Oh am I glad to have finished all that backstitch. It’s not my favourite thing to do anyway, but when you’ve got to stitch between stitches in Aida, it’s just horrible. Give me a nice linen any day.


Having said that, it does make the image come alive. I’m quite pleased with this now it’s finished but I wouldn’t rush to do another one.

This is an angled shot to show it off a bit better.


I’ve got plans for week three in my rotation this month. I’ve got a new start which I’ll be doing instead of an older project. Details to follow once I get around to taking a stash photo.

Author: Carole

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12 thoughts on “Mini Venice Street – finished

  1. Looks wonderful. I’ve often admired designs like these but I wouldn’t have the patience for all that backstitch.


  2. That is so fun! It looks great!


  3. This is lovely! I have a book of charts by this designer…they are so quirky and recognisable…I love them!


  4. beautiful! where did you get the design from? wouldn’t mind stitching this myself!


  5. Lovely, worth the wait! And the hard work!


  6. This looks absolutely fantastic. All the backstitch was well worth the effort, it really makes the design.


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