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As you know, I have far too many cross stitch projects on the go at the moment and shouldn’t even be considering adding another one. That’s why I’ve just added two. Seriously. I kid you not. I may have to start giving up sleep as giving up work isn’t an option according to my husband.

I’m a sucker for some designers though and LHN is one of them. When I heard she was doing a mystery SAL, I was very tempted and needed only a teeny push from Tree to sign up for it. The stash arrived a few days ago. I have the first part of the SAL plus all the threads needed for the whole project. I didn’t sign up for the recommended fabric as I have a fair bit of stash to pick from but I almost changed my mind when Tree said how nice her fabric is. I did find some lovely 32 count in my fabric drawer though and the colours of the threads look lovely and rich against it.


Mmmm, aren’t those WDW threads gorgeous. I’m going to start it in week three of my rotation this month. I’ve got a spare week having finished off the Venice cross stitch and rather than pick up another older project, I’ll do this instead. That’s my reward for doing all that backstitch. There are three parts to this SAL, spaced monthly. Tree has already started on hers and it looks gorgeous.

The other SAL is another one by Abi Gurden at The Stitch Specialists, the designer responsible for The Great Escape and Tree of Stitches. I finished The Great Escape and loved stitching it. The instructions were excellent and the stitches used were varied and interesting. I started Tree of Stitches and will finish it off at some point. I stalled as the next part called for French knots and at that point I wasn’t at all confident about doing them. The new SAL is Summer Tree of Stitches and it’s beautiful. Lots more lovely stitches to do and the example is in the most gorgeous colours. I’m planning to use some of the pretty thread stash that I’ve been gradually accumulating. I’ve got no idea when I’m going to find time to start it. Maybe I could slot it into week one once my current stitch is finished. I could maybe do Song of the Weather in the same week to save me having to sit on the new release for a few weeks before doing it. Hmm. That might work, although that does mean that I need to get a wiggle on with the Fellowship of the Ring.

I’d better get stitching 🙂


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2 thoughts on “LHN Mystery SAL

  1. Does week 3 start on Monday?


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