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Two men, a Dwarf and an Elf


I can’t believe it’s only taken me a week to complete this. I thought it would take me two or three weeks of rotation, but that just goes to show what a quick and easy stitch the Pixel People designs are.


The complete Fellowship – Boromir, Aragorn, Sam, Frodo, Gandalf, Pippin, Merry, Legolas and Gimli. I’m not sure which of the Pixelled characters is my favourite. The Hobbits are so cute but I am particularly pleased with Legolas.

I do love the fabric that I used. It’s Shades of Autumn from Sparklies and was lovely to stitch on as well as being pretty colours. I’ll definitely use more from them for future Pixel People projects, as their 9″ x 13″ is just the right size and comes serged so it’s ready to use.

On with The Flower Sampler Book next, and then I get to start my new SAL.


Added 12th July:

The problem with scheduling a post and then getting a three day migraine before you have a chance to do a last minute check on it, is that it’s invariably got something wrong with it. In this case, I’d forgotten to add a couple of the photos that I had ready. The one of the two men and the one of the elf and dwarf. You have to admit that the post title would have made an awful lot more sense with those photos added. Sigh. What can I say – I was in a rush and meant to come back and double check it.

So, just ’cause it’s a shame to waste those photos after I took the trouble to take and edit them…

Two men:



A dwarf and an elf:



I feel better now that I’ve got that off my chest.


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4 thoughts on “Two men, a Dwarf and an Elf

  1. These things are just great, you can tell just at a glance who they are. I’ve always had a soft spot for Legolas but I think my favourite is Gandalph.


  2. ooohhh… i like the stitched Gandalf.. 😀


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