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Song of The Seasons – part one


This is the new mystery SAL by Little House Needleworks. It’s in three parts, one per month, and I’m hoping to do each part in a week so it will slot into week three of my rotation. The first week was done to schedule, even with a few mishaps where I was lacking in concentration.



The chart is done in two pages, a left and right side. They’re arranged on one sheet, one above the other and to start with I kept looking at the wrong bit and making mistakes. I took Tree’s advice in the end. I folded it in half so I could only see one side and did that first. Obvious really. Also, I glanced at the bottom border and then merrily started stitching, not noticing that there was a gap in both the green and red in the centre and in a couple of other places in the green. It took me ages to frog it all so that was slightly discouraging. Once I’d got myself sorted out I was fine though and really enjoyed stitching this. I’m looking forward to seeing the next part now.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “Song of The Seasons – part one

  1. Yay! it looks great – I just can’t wait for the postman to get here with part 2!


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