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Song of the Seasons – part 2a


This arrived last week and although I didn’t intend to start stitching it until week three, I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the chart. I was itching to see what the next part was like. My first thought was that it was huge. Much, much more than I could possibly stitch in one week. This could be a problem as the next part will be here next month and I really don’t want to get behind.

So. I don’t have a week one project on the go at the moment. I was intending to do Song of the Weather, and then a bit more of Tree of Stitches but instead, I’ve done the first third of this. Part two is very conveniently divided into three vertical sections so I’m going to treat them as separate parts and try to fit them in between other projects throughout the month. 

I’m going to do Song of the Weather next and then straight into my week two project – The Flower Sampler Book. Back to Song of the Seasons in week three and there probably won’t be an Around the World in 80 stitches this month, so I can carry it through into week four. Any spare time can go to Tree of Stitches. Phew. 

This is the first third, or part 2a, as I’m calling it.


I’ve measured the remaining fabric and I think that part three will be nearly as large so next month looks like being interesting too. I would like to finish this next month, but it’s possible that it’s going to last me a bit longer. I do like the parts that I’ve stitched so far and I’m very curious about what the bottom part will be like. 


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2 thoughts on “Song of the Seasons – part 2a

  1. Gosh but the pumpkins are gorgeous, I can hardly wait to stitch those!


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