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It’s a start


I have scrapped. I got my photos back from Photobox, enough to take me up to the end of the cruise, and have roughly planned what I want to do with them. Rather than just print a lot of random photos that I like and then try to figure out what to do with them, I’ve done some vague journalling on the laptop, which will need trimming down, and that told me which photos I needed to go with it. I just want this album to tell the story of our holiday. Nothing fancy – I can do fancy for some of the 12×12 albums with larger photos later on if I want to. For now I want to get the memories in an album.

So far, I have the first three pages done, all single page layouts. Most of the rest will be doubles.

I started with why we ended up going to Alaska and the Rockies. Just journalling on this one. I’m making good use of my lovely Cuttlebug. Please ignore the dates on this as they’re slightly wrong and have since been corrected. What was I thinking?!


The journey there – with a photo from the plane.


And a sort of intro to the first stage of our holiday.


I doubt that anything is exactly level as I’ve just been eyeballing it. Not like my former style at all, but I don’t feel the need to measure everything any more. I’m not even spending ages tinkering with the photos of the layouts to straighten them up. The layouts have straight edges, the photos are deceptive and show bits of desk around the edges. I don’t care.

I won’t be bullied into using my own disgraceful handwriting on my layouts just because it’s more ‘heartfelt’ or better in some way. I like printed journalling and that’s what I shall use. So there.

I’ve cut up whole sheets of patterned paper to use strips. They’ve sat there for years so I may as well use them. I was surprised that my chalk inks were still juicy enough to ink the edges of the journalling blocks and a little relieved as I wasn’t planning to buy more. I did hesitate slightly before using my ‘precious’ Places we love cardstock, before giving myself a quick slap round the head. Again, it’s been sitting there unused for years. Better to cut it up and put it in an album.

So there we have it. Three very plain and simple layouts done. Stash has been used. Two more layouts are on my desk and are almost done, with photos ready for a dozen more. I have no expectations, and am putting no pressure on myself and consequently I’m quite enjoying it.

Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “It’s a start

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  2. Photo tinkering was my absolute downfall with scrapping – I was always wanting to crack on and fiddle with the paper. Those photos out of the plane window are super.


    • It can get a bit tedious, especially when you take a lot of photos. I found it difficult to know where to start at first so I took some time to sort them into folders in Elements and then tag them. Then I could pull up just the ones I needed and it was much easier.


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