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A very expensive cup of coffee


Sometimes on the way home from work, I get a coffee from Caffe Nero. A Gingerbread Latte, or sometimes a Vanilla one. Sometimes I really push the boat out, like today, and accompany it with a slice of their divine Cappuccino cake. Mmm.

A couple of weeks ago, my coffee was a bit hotter than usual so I didn’t finish drinking it before I got over to the staff car park. I popped it into the cup holder, which is between the seats, and started driving home intending to finish it when I got a chance. About halfway home I got stuck in some roadworks and knew I’d be sitting there for about five minutes, so thought it’d be a good time to finish my coffee.

Bad idea.

As I picked it up, the lid popped off and the coffee sort of erupted over the top, down the side of the centre console and under the passenger seat. There wasn’t much and I grabbed a couple of tissues and mopped up what I could see straight away. Then the lights changed for the roadworks and off I drove.

A few moments later, I noticed a warning light on my dash – SRS. That’s the secondary restraint system and according to my manual, which I checked as soon as I got home, if that light is on, the airbags could go off unexpectedly.


It also states that you should drive carefully to your nearest service centre. Is it implying that I normally drive less than carefully? I think I’m slightly offended by that.

So, I’ve been driving around with that warning light on ever since as my car was booked in for its MOT today and I was pretty certain that it was just a case of ‘coffee meets sensor’. The garage just phoned and confirmed that.

Unfortunately in order to check that, they had to dismantle some of the car and now have to completely replace the sensor. It’s Β£275. Plus labour, obviously. That’s on top of the cost of whatever else needs fixing to get my poor old car through its MOT.


I do love my lattes but I think it might be an idea to give them a miss from now on.


Author: Carole

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11 thoughts on “A very expensive cup of coffee

  1. Oooh err missus, one very expensive coffee. Hope your poor little car has recovered now….after all, it *is* a Mercedes dahlink!


  2. What a horror story, it’s almost enough to put one off drinking coffee…but not quite πŸ˜€


  3. Oh no! What an expensive coffee spill!


  4. I never would have thought spilled coffee could cause that much trouble. After all the stuff my kids have spilled, I guess I’ve been pretty lucky that I didn’t have the same thing happen. Sorry that you’ve had to deal with it.


  5. Oh boy. That’s an expensive spill!!


  6. Oh that sucks! Sorry to hear.


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