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Song of The Seasons – part 2c


This last section of part two seemed to go so much faster than the first one, which is odd as they’re quite similar.


I’m happy that part two is finally finished as it seems to have dragged on for ages. I’m going straight onto part three and am going to try to finish it before stitching anything else. It’s mostly text so hopefully won’t take too long. The end is in sight!


Tree pointed out that part three uses the word Fall instead of our British Autumn, not surprisingly as it’s an American design. However, we’d both prefer it to say Autumn so I’ve had a fiddle in KG-Chart and have managed to change it. I’ve just printed out my alterations and I’m hoping they work as well on fabric as they did on screen.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

4 thoughts on “Song of The Seasons – part 2c

  1. this is lovely Carole. i think you’re awfully brave doing a mystery SAL. i have seen these in the shops and am curious but scared to commit money incase i dont like the design!!.
    i look forward to seeing the finished piece.


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