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Crocodile Stitch granny square


I started this ages ago and made quite good progress on it. I did the Bubble stitch centre and then the rows around it until it was about 13″ square. That was the point at which I posted about it and mentioned that it might be a bit more advanced than I could handle, but I thought I was doing ok.

Famous last words. I did the first row of surface stitches, the Crocodile stitch, and realised I’d made a tiny mistake. When I tried to unpick it, I couldn’t find where I’d woven in my ends so eventually had to resort to cutting it. This was where my problems really started as I managed to cut the layer underneath instead. This was a disaster as it meant I then had to unpick EVERYTHING, right back to a couple of rows after the Bubble stitch centre.

I was gutted.

After putting it away for a couple of weeks, while I had a good sulk, I finally redid the bits that I’d had to undo and then put it away again rather than face the Crocodile stitch. I’m such a coward. Eventually though I got it back out and after a couple of mis-starts, I got the hang of the stitch and this is the result.

Crocodile cushion front
I’m sure the Crocodile stitch could be a bit more even, but I’m very happy with it for a first attempt. I need to crochet the back now as this is going to be a small cushion cover. That’s going to be plain though so won’t take nearly as long. I hope πŸ˜‰

Pattern by Joyce Lewis on Ravelry


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15 thoughts on “Crocodile Stitch granny square

  1. This is absolutely stunning. Love it! (And I love the title of your blog, by the way.)


  2. It’s absolutely awesome, you are very clever with the crochet πŸ˜€


  3. That is amazing! I would like to learn to crotchet a simple flower. What a piece of art you have created. Well done.


  4. Oh that is beautiful! Worth the unpicking!


  5. Stunning! You give me hope! I’m glad to see you over came the difficulties and finished it! Way to go!


  6. It’s beautiful!


  7. thats really cool. you’re much more adventurous than me, i havent tried bubble or crocodile stitch yet!!.


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