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Pretend you can see Tinkerbell


These are two of my favourite photos from our 2010 holiday. We’d gone to my favourite park, Animal Kingdom, and were having a great time. We were having our photo taken by one of the Photopass photographers and were told to pose for a special photo. “Hold your hand out and pretend that Tinkerbell is sitting on it.” she said. “Look surprised.” I think we managed that. With bells on!

I’m not sure if I’ve done the photos justice, to be honest. I knew what I wanted to do, and have been shuffling bits round for a week, but it’s not quite what I hoped. I’m going to call it close enough though otherwise I can see it being on my desk for months 😉

The paper and some of the stickers, brads etc., are Basic Grey of course. Then I had a rummage to see what else I had. I keep finding things that I swear I don’t remember having before, plus other things that make me want to use them straight away. It’s quite difficult to stay focused on the layout you’re doing when that happens.

Back to the Alaska album next. Must do a bit more of that before I get sidetracked.


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4 thoughts on “Pretend you can see Tinkerbell

  1. i think you’ve done a great job!. great title!!. love me some BG as well.


  2. ooh it’s lovely and what great photos of you two and Tinkerbell, she is super cute. The BG is looking very handsome indeed!


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