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Books read in October


The shining girls – Lauren Beukes
A colleague brought this one to my attention when we had it in at work as he thought it looked interesting. I had to agree with him and when I spotted it for a good price on Amazon, I ordered it. I’ve just finished it and I really enjoyed it. I can’t say that I’ve read about a time-travelling serial killer before so that was intriguing, but what I really liked was the girl who survived. Kirby was great, really snarky and tenacious. I loved the ending and some of the other timey-wimey bits. Stuff like that makes you stop and think and can mess with your head a bit. Marvellous!

A fine and bitter snow – Dana Stabenow
Book twelve in the Kate Shugak series and another enjoyable read. Kate is still recovering emotionally from the events a few books back but is definitely moving on now. One of her oldest friends is murdered, another is in danger of losing his job which will impact on the whole park. It’s nicely twisty-turny and there’s lots going on. I love this series.

One more bite – Jennifer Rardin
I read the earlier books in this series a while ago but somehow this one book got left on the TBR shelves. It looked lonely so I thought I’d read it. It’s often hard to pick up a series book when you’ve forgotten most of what happened in earlier books so I had a job to get into it at first. I mostly just ignored the references that I didn’t understand because of my bad memory, and muddled my way through. Once I’d got into it, I did enjoy it. Not enough to see if there are any more in the series. I think I’m done with this one now, but it was fun for a while.

Border crossings – Michael L Weems
This was a Kindle bargain. I can’t remember if it was a freebie or if I paid something like 99p for it, but I know it wasn’t much. I’m quite pleased about that as it was ok, but nothing special. It started off using some quite ‘interesting’ turns of phrase, which had me worried about the rest of the book but it settled down into normal English/American after a while and was a reasonable enough thriller. I liked it enough to finish it but I won’t be looking for any more by the author.

Tempt the stars – Karen Chance
I seem to have been waiting forever for another book by this author. I love this series. It has vampires, demons, mages and most importantly, it has Cassie Palmer – The Pythia. She is brilliant. In this book she’s trying to get John Pritkin back after he sacrificed himself to save her in the last book. She’s a bit annoyed about that as he didn’t bother to consult her about it first so she’s plotting to save him right back. It was a great read, the only problem is that I now have to wait ages again for the next book.


And that was it for October. I can’t remember the last time I read so few books in a month. I’ve been busy crafting different things. I’ve been doing a lot of holiday planning and playing with my new MacBook and somehow, I just haven’t found time for reading. I will be taking my Kindle on holiday though, and I’ve got some smashing books on there that I’ve been saving for it,ย so maybe next month my reading mojo will come back.


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4 thoughts on “Books read in October

  1. Gosh this was a light month for you ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Mabel is obviously proving to be a huge distraction! I will be going straight to Amazon after my visit here – can’t believe that after checking and checking for ages that we have missed the new Karen Chance!


    • I’ve had a couple of other books on the go but they haven’t grabbed me enough to make me want to settle down and finish them. With everything that’s been going on, I’ve been too restless to read, I think. A week or so in the sun is what I need ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I hadn’t realised that you didn’t know about the new Karen Chance or I’d have given you a hefty nudge. It’s a good ‘un too. Bet you’ve already been to Amazon and grabbed it now, haven’t you ๐Ÿ™‚


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