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Day two – Animal Kingdom & Epcot


Despite being awake so early we didn’t get a particularly early start this morning. We had some bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. We’d had both delivered with our groceries and the bagels were particularly nice. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do this morning other than make a stop at concierge to enquire about something, so it was entirely possible that we’d have ended up deciding by getting on the first park bus to arrive. Sort of like throwing a dice but with a bus.

It was our query at concierge that made the decision for us in the end. We’d gone to ask about one of the backstage tours at Animal Kingdom and managed to get a place on one for the next day. We thought it might be an idea to pop over and make sure we knew exactly where to go as our tour started before park opening so we wouldn’t have time to go searching on the day.

The weather today looked a bit dull before we went out but once we got outside it was lovely. There was a cooling breeze that did get a bit brisk at times but in the sun it was quite hot. There was a black cloud threatening but we just ignored it.

We took the Disney bus to Animal Kingdom, sorted out where we need to be tomorrow and then took a stroll down the Pangani trail. The Okapi were being quite sociable and weren’t hiding behind the trees quite as much as usual. This chap seemed just as interested in us as we were in him.

We walked round the rest of the trail and then came to my favourite part – the Gorillas. I love watching them and you can always rely on them for a good photo or two. I rather like this one.


It’s one of those photos that’s just begging for a caption. He was sitting up the back keeping an eye on everyone else but this chap was taking it easy in the sunshine.


I took a few photos of him. He had a good stretch and then a scratch and then he settled down again. He was really enjoying the sun. What a handsome chap he is.

I really fancied a go on the safari but the stand by time was 40 minutes and that’s 20 mins longer than I’m prepared to wait. Our FP+ were for Epcot in the evening so we couldn’t officially get any Fastpasses in Animal Kingdom. But, I really wanted to go on the safari so we did a spot of *cough* double dipping and used our plastic back-up annual passes to get Fps. I wouldn’t have known you could do that but it’s amazing what you can find out on the Disney forums.

We had a great safari and I love the way they do it now. Lots of talking about the animals and conservation and no poaching storyline. That was fun for the first few years but it got a bit old after that. It’s nice to have a change. There were loads of animals about too. The cheetahs were walking about and were close by. The lions were visible and we saw lots of antelope and the cutest baby elephant.

We also saw some of where we’ll be going tomorrow which is one of the reasons I was so keen to do the safari today.

We treated ourselves to a Turtle brownie each from Kusafiri Coffee shop and then came back to the Beach Club for an hour to cool down before heading back out to Epcot.

The first thing we did once inside Epcot was head to the Festival centre to get our Marketplace passports. They have the various marketplaces listed inside with the menus so we can mark off what we’ve tried. We planned to make a start straight away.


By now the weather had turned a bit chillier and the promised rain had arrived. It was only drizzle though so not a problem at all. It’d brought a double rainbow with it that was attracting quite a lot of attention. Very pretty.

Our first FP+ was due so we went on Spaceship Earth before heading back to the World Showcase. We weren’t planning on eating a lot tonight so started off with South Korea and the Kimchi dog. That was quite spicy-hot but very nice. From there we went to Poland and had the Zapiekanki which was delicious. I was contemplating a dessert at this point but our return time for Test Track was approaching so we strolled back down to ride that.

That was our first time on TT since its refit and I like the changes a lot. Designing your own car is a lot of fun, and taking away the old and slightly tired storyline was probably a good move. It’s freshened up the whole ride. Going round the outside track at speed, and in the dark was exhilarating, as always. I love that part.

From there we went over to The Land for our FP+ for Soarin. Twice in two days. Fantastic!

I was still contemplating dessert as we walked back up to the exit but I do have some chocolate in the fridge and some other goodies to munch if I feel peckish so I resisted. I’m definitely having some another day though.

A fairly lazy day today, but we did go on several of our favourite rides and so far I’m very pleased with the Magic Bands.


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4 thoughts on “Day two – Animal Kingdom & Epcot

  1. Turtle Brownie, Kusafari Coffee Shop. sounds heavenly. I always used to go for the cinnamon roll there, but last year was a bit disappointed, so turtle brownie now on the list.


  2. The gorilla is saying “it’s all right for us gorillas, we don’t get nagged at for a high bmi, just look at my rolls!!”


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