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Day four – Epcot and monorail hopping

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After a lazy start to the day, during which I tidied up a few things and did some laundry, we headed for Epcot. From the Beach Club this takes a couple of minutes at a steady stroll so we were very soon inside and walking down through a very quiet World Showcase. It was just after 11am and there weren’t many people about yet so we took quite a few photos.

We stopped to have a look at the model railway in Germany, as Stephen does like trains, and spotted one of the wee lizards climbing into a house via the chimney. I can’t say this is something I’ve ever spotted before.


You can just see his tail peeping out before it disappeared down the chimney with the rest of him. Having seen that, we started looking a little more closely at the model and I noticed this. I know that farming can be arduous, but surely this is taking things a bit too far?


They’re harvesting cranberries, I think, and the poor woman has completely lost her head. Mind you, just look at the frock she’s working in. I don’t know what possessed her.

After giggling at the model railway for a while, we moved on to Japan and had a walk round the gardens. We had a chat with a couple of cast members who were testing the water in the koi pond. They test it for bacteria once a week apparently.

Then we moved on to China and a walk around the gardens there. We spotted a lone fisherman looking very hopeful so snapped a few photos.


On the other side of the path from him we found another fisher. He was so still that we didn’t see him at first.


Just after I took that photo, he dived off into the water and came back out with his lunch. It looked like a tadpole, but whatever it was, he seemed to enjoy it once he’d got it turned round and into his beak.

In all the time we’ve been coming here, we’ve never seen that before. It just shows that there’s always something new to find, and not necessarily what you’re expecting. You just need to slow down and enjoy the surroundings.

In between enjoying the various pavilions we sampled a couple of snacks from the Food and Wine festival stalls. We both tried the Mongolian beef on steamed buns from China. It was delicious. The beef was similar to stroganoff but with a spicy sauce and the buns were lovely and soft and like nothing I’d had before.

At the next stall we had something different. We went to Greece where I’d had my eye on A taste of Greece which consisted of Calamari, Htipiti, Eggplant dip, Olives & Pita bread. It was all delicious. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Calamari or not as I just didn’t like the look of it before but I thought I’d try it and it wasn’t bad at all. Stephen had Chicken Gyro with Tzatziki sauce and said it was excellent.

At Mexico Stephen had Taco de rib-eye with salsa de chipotle. He also had a beer!


He really enjoyed both. I went to Australia and got the Garlic shrimp with roasted tomatoes, lemon myrtle & rapine. Three huge shrimp, just smothered in garlic. Yum yum!

It was another hot one today in the mid 80s and by now we were getting quite warm and a bit weary. What we needed was a sit down in the cool. In Epcot, the place to do that is Ellen’s Energy Adventure so we popped over there and chilled while being entertained.

After that we still had a couple more hours before our first Fastpass+ of the day so we did something that was on Stephen’s wish list. I mentioned that he likes trains. He also likes monorails and wanted to go on them while we were here this year. As we had nothing particular planned, we went for a ride round and ended up having a look round the Contempory resort. It’s quite nice but I wouldn’t like to stay there because of the walkways. I got wibbly just going out onto the balcony to take a few photos of the view. Yes, I know I was fine on that bridge yesterday, but balconies and walkways are a different matter altogether.

It was a very nice view of the Magic Kingdom though, especially of the Castle.


We rode the monorail back to Epcot and had time to do Spaceship Earth before going over to the Living Seas for our first FP+ on Nemo. Not the best use of the system but you have to book three and we really only wanted the two headliners. And, once we’d got it booked, I thought we may as well use it. Nemo is cute though, and it’s an excuse to walk past those seagulls.

Next was Test Track and another exhilarating ride in the dark. That is such fun and leaves you with such a high. We had half an hour to wait before our next FP+ so went to Starbucks for a coffee. I had a Spiced Pumpkin, obviously, and Stephen got adventurous and had a Cherry Mocha. Then we went and rode Soarin. Again.

On the way out of The Land we noticed that the ‘upside-down waterfall’ had gone a pretty colour so out came the camera.



For a quick snapshot using a compact camera, that didn’t come out too badly.

We then had a slow amble back to the Beach Club where we collapsed into a heap. I’m sure we’ve walked miles today. The plan for tomorrow is to go to the Magic Kingdom. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve done to Fantasyland as last time we saw it, they were still working on it all. Should be fun.


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One thought on “Day four – Epcot and monorail hopping

  1. I do like a day walking around Epcot Food and Wine. Lots of lovely nibbles and drinks in the sunshine. Hard to beat.


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