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Day seven – Downtown Disney


What’s the best thing about Downtown Disney? They have chocolate. And not just your ordinary chocolate either. It’s Ghirardellis and it’s amazing.

Today, we’d decided that the parks were going to be busy and we needed a non-park day so Downtown Disney it was. I’m never going to object to a bit of shopping especially if the aforementioned chocolate is included.

It was another hot one today in the mid-eighties. Seriously, has no-one informed the weather that it’s November at the moment? I wasn’t expecting all this glorious sunshine 🙂

We had a lovely amble around the shops and inspected all the bits that are new since our last visit in 2010. I got quite enthusiastic when I spotted that the latest design in the new Vera Bradley bags was out today and went for a look to see if I could get a messenger bag but they’d either not had any or had already sold out. Maybe they’ll get more before we go home. It is a very pretty design and I love the black/blue colours.

We popped into Ghirardellis, as you do, and snagged a sample each of the seasonal Peppermint Bark chocolate squares, but didn’t buy anything at that point due to the heat outside.

When we got peckish we debated where to have lunch. I’d planned to try somewhere different, as this is the year of trying new places, but somehow we ended up at Earl of Sandwich as we do both love the food in there. Apparently so does everyone else as the queue was quite literally out of the door and around the corner. It moved quite quickly though and we managed to snag a couple of seats on a corner of someone else’s table to eat.

I had the Chicken Chipotle sandwich with bacon and avocado. All hot and gooey. Yum. Stephen had the Tuna melt. He also had a Peppermint brownie. I was very tempted by the Pumpkin cupcake (you know me and anything pumpkin) but I didn’t think I’d have room for it. I did have room to help Stephen eat his brownie though and very nice it was too.

We explored a few more shops but Stephen was flagging a bit so after making a few purchases, including a small bag of those Peppermint Bark squares for me, we headed back. Stephen went for a nap before we headed back out for our FP+s later in the evening at Epcot.

I think all the excitement and maybe too much sugar had caught up with Stephen as when I went to wake him later, he still wasn’t feeling too well so I left him to sleep and cancelled our FP+s. Sometimes he gets headachy but he’ll be fine after a good sleep.

I had a pleasant enough evening with my Kindle. I sat on the balcony in the beautiful Florida warmth until it got too dark and then moved inside.

I popped down to the Marketplace at one point and fetched myself a tub of the soup of the day – Chicken and rice. It was great being able to just walk out the door without having to stop to pick up a purse or room key as I knew that everything I needed was on my wrist.

And that was our day. No photos, I’m afraid. We had cameras with us this morning but nothing leapt out and demanded to have its photo taken. Tomorrow we pick up a car, which we have for a week so there will be proper shopping being done. Woot!

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6 thoughts on “Day seven – Downtown Disney

  1. All your food reports are making me envious. But it has made me realise being able to try all the different foods will be some consolation when we no longer go with the girls. They are both really fussy. Enjoy the lovely weather because you are really going to miss it when you get home.


  2. I do love a lazy day, but I can’t believe you are on day 7 already. That’s just confirming my feelings that a 2 week holiday isn’t going to be long enough for me.


  3. Is it really 3 years since you last went?! chill days are as good as headliner days! Fiona x PS Drizzly but warm at 6am this morning, got a puncture on my bike after 1.5 miles , dragged OH out of bed to pick me and bike up in car , came home and drive in in my car. Came out of work 3.30pm drizzling and foggy!


    • No holiday of any description last year and the year before was the Alaskan cruise. We were ready for another dose of Disney World 🙂
      I’m glad I’m here and not where you are at the moment. I don’t like fog.


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