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Day six – Animal Kingdom


We had FP+ for Animal Kingdom today but didn’t need to be there until 11-ish so once again had a late start. I did some laundry and had a read before we headed for the Disney bus.

The entrance to Animal Kingdom looked a little different this morning as there was a huge Christmas tree that wasn’t there a couple of days ago. I love the decorations they use here. They’re so different to the ones used in the other parks.


Our first FP+ was for the Nemo show. We got great seats for that and really enjoyed it. I love that show. It’s so beautiful.

We were ready for lunch after the show and I’d spotted somewhere we hadn’t tried before so we headed back to Asia. There was a pathside stand selling some lovely sounding options. I had Samosas with a mango dip and Stephen had the falafel sandwich with apple slices. Both were delicious. For a mid-priced snack food they were very, very good and quite filling.

I’ve noticed a few places selling snacks and food options that I don’t recognise from last time we were here, and all have healthier options, or something that caters to different dietary requirements. There’s a lot of choice for anyone wanting something different to the usual tourist fare.

Our next stop was the Safari. We’ll ride this as often as we can as it’s different every time you go on. And yes, ok, we did do the behind the scenes version a couple of days ago, but it didn’t stop us from wanting to do the normal one. It was great fun to see where we’d been on our trek such as the bridge over the hungry crocs.


And the Boma where we had our delicious lunch.


We saw quite a lot of animals on this Safari. It wasn’t as hot today so they were fairly active. I think it was just in the 80s but there was some cloud cover too. We saw the monkeys out this time. They’re often quite shy but they were playing on the rock in full view for us.


We also had a great view of the cheetahs. They were near the back but weren’t tucked away so we could see them quite nicely. They seem to be one of the hardest animals to see on the safari so this is one of the best photos that I’ve managed to get.


The white rhino were right by the track so we had a great view of them today. This chap was only about two metres away.


As you’re finishing the safari there’s a new animal to see. They’re called Addax and are critically endangered.


We went to see the tigers after the safari but they were all out of sight. I think that’s the first time we’ve been over there and not seen any of them.

By now it was getting really crowded in the park and although we hadn’t been out for long, we decided we’d had enough. We’ve got plenty more time planned in Animal Kingdom and we just weren’t in the mood for a busy park.

We spent the evening relaxing and have just popped over to the Boardwalk bakery for some dinner. We brought back some pulled pork sandwiches and cakes. The sandwiches were lovely and the cakes are currently sitting in the fridge. I had the fruit tart and Stephen had the Key lime tart. We’re probably going to halve them and share. Yum.


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2 thoughts on “Day six – Animal Kingdom

  1. So happy to see the Christmas decorations are up! I’ll be there during the week of Thanksgiving for two park days. I hope crowds won’t be too bad! (Yeah right…lol)


    • The decorations are slowly appearing throughout the parks. I think Epcot will be getting them now the F&W has finished and I think Hollywood Studios must already have them as the Osbourne lights started a few nights ago. The resorts will be done soon. It’ll be lovely by the time you get here.
      If you time it right it might not be too bad for crowds. Fingers crossed for you 🙂


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