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Day eight – Shopping and a boat ride


Today we’ve had a beautifully relaxing boat ride on scenic lakes under the glorious Florida sun. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this.

There was also some shopping, which is what we started with once we’d picked up our car. I’d booked the car through USrentacar a few months ago and arranged to pick it up from the Disney Car Care centre. It costs much less to only have it for the one week, obviously, and you miss all the hard sell at the airport. Using the Disney transportation, including the Magical Express to and from the airport, for the rest of the time is easy so this works out nicely for us.

 Our first stop was Joanns where I got a selection of fat quarters and jelly rolls on clearance. I also got a nice fold-flat yarn caddy. I used a coupon on that and got 60% off it.

In Michaels there was a yarn event so the one I was looking for was on at a great price to start with. I got a further 20% off my whole basket with a coupon, so I was a happy bunny.

We also popped into Barnes and Noble as I’m physically incapable of going past a bookstore without going inside. I got three books in there. I bought the latest Donna Andrews as I love her books and a couple of cosy mysteries that feature cross stitch. They look as if they might be interesting.

On the plan for today was to try to go to the Cheesecake factory as we still have never been and there is one in Winter Park, near the Michaels we were at. I was hungry already though while we were in the bookstore and as there was a Starbucks there we decided to get something in there instead. So, were we delighted to find that they had lots of Cheesecake factory stuff there too. Lunch was a ham and cheese toastie that we shared and I had an Eggnog latte with a Pumpkin cheesecake. I really, really wanted to try the Pumpkin one so I was very happy to find it there and it was delicious. So creamy. Stephen had a cappuccino with the Red Velvet cheesecake. He seemed to enjoy it and it did look good.

I do like bookstores with coffee and cake in them. Especially when I have Stephen with me. It’s good to train him that books = food as he’s more likely to go with me to the bookstore then.

Today wasn’t all about shopping. When I’d been planning which Michaels and Joanns to go to, I’d noticed that we seemed to be heading in the direction of Winter Park. We’ve never been there before despite saying that we’d like to. I looked online and spotted that there was a boat trip round the lakes and canals so we planned to go and do that after I’d shopped.

We got there not long after the boat had departed as they go on the hour so we went for a walk round. It’s quite pretty in the touristy bit with some interesting looking shops.

The boat trip costs $12 each which isn’t bad for an hour. It was another lovely sunny day and just the right temperature to be out on the water with the wind blowing your hair back and the odd splash coming over the side. We took a few photos.


The trip covers three lakes and the driver tells you snippets about some of the houses you can see. You don’t get to hear about the current residents for their privacy but you do hear about previous residents and info about the houses. The lakes are joined by narrow canals which we just fit down.


The banks of the waterways were lined with beautiful trees some of which had Spanish moss hanging from them, which I love to see. There was quite a lot of bamboo too. We had to go quite slowly through the canals and near to the banks but we really got a move on in the centre of the lake, which really woke us up.


We didn’t see much wildlife, not that we were expecting to, but we did see this chap drying his wings.


Definitely recommended for a nice break from the parks.

We relaxed for an hour or so when we got back and then headed off to Epcot for another nibble at the Food and Wine festival. We had some more FP+ to use on Test Track and Soarin. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get on Soarin so often.

Stephen had some Lemongrass curry from Singapore and then we both had the Pierogi from Poland. They were very nice. We just had time to make it up to the USA to get to the Hops and Barley stand before it closed so I could have my final snack. We both had the lobster roll which was, of course, divine, and I had the Craisin bread pudding which was amazing. That’s the end of the festival for another year and I think I’ve managed to sample most of what I wanted to.

We’re a bit weary now after our fun-filled day. All this fresh air really tires you out.

Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Day eight – Shopping and a boat ride

  1. What a fun day! The boat ride looks really cool.


  2. We did that boat trip in Winter garden the same year i met you for shopping. That was a while ago niw 🙂

    I always mean to go back but have never managed it yet


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