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Day twelve – Animals, Pancakes and shopping

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We had some difficulty in tearing ourselves away from the balcony this morning. Every time we decided that we really would get ready to go out now, another animal did something interesting out on the savanna and we got distracted again. Who needs theme parks when you have so much going on right outside your room?

We were fascinated by the Ankole cattle for a while. I do love watching them anyway but they’ve been particularly entertaining today. We have a watering hole right by our building. It’s just below our balcony so we have a good view of any animals that come over for a drink. This chap came over earlier. Stephen was amused by the way he marched over, had a drink and then reversed out using exactly the same path as he came in on.


One of the things I love to watch with Ankole cattle is the way they stride along for a few steps and then pose. Then, having made sure that everyone in the balconies all around them has enough photographs, they take a few more steps and then… pose.


Occasionally one will break away and do a pose by himself, just to show he’s an individual.

See the way he’s glancing up to make sure all cameras are on him?

We also watched a few Impala skipping across the savanna.


They stopped to graze for a few minutes before skipping and leaping off again.


I finally managed to get a photo of this chap. He’s been peeking at me through the trees for a while but today he ventured a bit closer. He’s a Blesbok and is just gorgeous.


These two Scimitar-horned Oryx have been wandering about since we got here and we took this photo this afternoon just before going out.


There are a couple of animals on our savanna that I haven’t identified yet but I’ll post pictures of them as soon as I know what they are. We plan to go to one of the overlooks over the weekend so we can ask one of the guides.

Once we managed to leave the balcony and the lure of the animals behind, we went out to lunch. As it was getting on for 3pm it was a very late lunch but this meant that Perkins was nice and quiet so we were quite happy about that. Stephen had some steak concoction which he’d been reading about and had been looking forward to. It did look quite nice. There’s only one thing I want at Perkins though – Pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes. I had blueberry ones this time and as it was supposed to be lunch/dinner, I had a side of those thin, spicy sausages with it. Then I poured lashings of maple syrup over it. Yum!

After that we went for a drive and popped into a couple of shops to get some last-minute shopping as the car goes back on Monday morning. I wanted a bit more yarn to go with what I’d already got so we popped into a Michaels. I’ve found a lovely pattern for a blanket so I got a crochet hook in case I’m tempted to make a start while I’m sitting on our balcony. We also stopped off at Barnes and Noble. I’ve read the first one of those cross stitch mysteries that I bought the other day and it was quite good. I was hoping to pick up a couple more of them. They did have two but not the next two in the series. I got them anyway, but I’ll have to go on Amazon marketplace to see if I can get the two missing ones. I can’t read books out of sequence.

We can usually hear the fireworks going off at 9pm but we’ve rarely been able to get a good look at them from our room before. Even from the Beach Club, right by Epcot, we’ve never had one of the rooms that overlook the park to see them. Here though, we have a brilliant view and have just stood and watched them over the trees. It was great.

We have a chap coming in the morning to fix our bedroom door as it doesn’t shut properly. We have to be in for them to fix it apparently but as we’ll probably be on the balcony, I don’t think that’ll be a problem. We’re not sure what our plans are for the rest of the day but we’ll probably be going to one of the theme parks. There will almost certainly be more animal photos on here though. You have been warned 🙂


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