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Day thirteen – Animal Kingdom


Just for a change today, I thought I’d post a load of animal photos. We’ve been on safari again and it was just the right weather it seems.

It’s been quite warm again with the temperature getting up into the eighties at one point but it’s been raining steadily for most of the day. Not torrential rain, just heavy enough so you know you’re getting wet. Most people in Animal Kingdom were wearing the Disney ponchos but we were ok just getting wet. It’s not as if we’re not used to it.

We were up and ready at 7am today, which is probably the earliest we’ve managed, but then we were expecting maintenance to fix our bedroom door. They weren’t due until 9am but I wasn’t taking any chances. It was nice to curl up on my huge comfy chair with my Kindle, where I had a good view of the savanna. I saw it gradually brighten up and various animals appeared over a couple of hours.

Once the door fixing was underway, and apparently we didn’t need to be here – we’d been misinformed, we headed off to Animal Kingdom. The safari was only a ten minute standby so we got a couple of Fastpass and joined the standby queue for our first ride. There was loads to see as the animals seemed to really like it out in the rain.




We’ve often seen a lion on the safari and sometimes we’ve seen two. Usually you just see a head or a foot. You consider yourself lucky to see a whole lion. Two whole lions is cause for celebration. Today we saw these two and had a really good view of them.


Isn’t he splendid?


And that’s not all. For the first time ever, we saw three lions at one time. I didn’t manage to get them all in the same photo. Anyone who’s been on the safari knows how tricky it is to take photos from a moving safari truck, but I did get this shot.


All the lions were facing the same way and if you followed their line of sight there was a small  herd of Grant’s zebra. Our driver quipped that the lions were considering them as a potential snack. If they could be bothered to do more than lift their heads, of course.

After we’d done a couple of safaris, we went for a walk round Asia to see if the tigers were out. This time they were and we managed to get photos.



We were more than a little damp by now and also peckish so we headed back to the lodge for lunch, which we fetched from Mara. We ate in our room so we could watch the F1 qualifying. We both had cheeseburgers. We just fancied a burger as neither of us has had one for months. We couldn’t decide what to have with it so we had couscous with one and fries with the other and did swappers. We picked up Pecan tarts but were too full from the burgers earlier so we’re just having them now for supper.

We did think we might go out this evening but Stephen went for a nap which lasted longer than anticipated and now we’ve lost the urge to move. We’re quite happy just chilling in our nice comfy villa. I watched the first Harry Potter film earlier while sorting through the photos on the laptop. The actors are so little! And cute! It was nice to revisit an oldie.

In between messing on the laptop and watching tv, I kept popping out onto the balcony. I saw some East African crowned cranes dancing by the water hole and various animals drifted over for a drink. I haven’t got those photos on the computer yet though so I’ll spare you those 😉

Tomorrow we’re going to have a good walk around the resort in the morning and explore all the overlooks before watching the Grand Prix. You have no idea how tempted we were to book flights to Austin to go and watch it but it would have shattered the budget so we refrained. Maybe another year.


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2 thoughts on “Day thirteen – Animal Kingdom

  1. what magnificent big cats!. i do love all their heads on their paws in a real ‘cant be bothered’ attitude!!.


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