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Day fourteen – Animal Kingdom Lodge


We were up and out fairly early this morning to have a good walk around our resort. We wanted to explore all the different outlooks at Jambo House, where we’re staying and also over at Kidani village where we stayed last time. Both halves of the resort are beautiful in different ways so it’s nice to take a walk round.

The weather today was much warmer and although it wasn’t raining, it was very humid so slightly draining. I was a bit weary after walking over to Kidani so sat inside for a while looking out over one of their savannas.

We took quite a few photos from the various viewing points. We were quite excited to see the baby zebra over at Kidani. He is so very, very cute.


We watched the giraffes for a while too. This one was eating his brunch right by us.


And then out came the baby giraffe. All legs and neck but so graceful.


Absolutely adorable. There’s just something about giraffes.

I needed a photo of me in my awesome new t-shirt that I bought at the Hard Rock the other evening so Stephen got me to pose in front of the savanna. I thought it’d make a change from all the animals.Carole

The Ankole cattle were posing nicely by our balcony again. They are so photogenic.


And then one of the Scimitar-horned oryx came over to see if anything interesting was happening on the balconies. Sometimes you wonder who is watching who.


One of my favourite animals to watch on our savanna is the Somali wild ass. We have three of them and they are such characters. They’re beautiful creatures too, and sadly are critically endangered in the wild.


Isn’t he gorgeous. They hang around the watering hole quite a lot and seem very playful.

After our walk around the resort, we came back to our rooms via Mara to get coffee/soda and settled down ready to watch the F1. We’d got a few groceries in from WinDixie the other day so Stephen cooked us a delicious rib-eye steak which we had with salad. Usually we have a bacon sandwich with the race but he said he wanted a steak while we were on holiday. I wasn’t going to argue and it was very nice.

After the race we went to Downtown Disney for a couple of hours to get a few bits of shopping and have a walk round. We popped into Ghirardellis again. Every time we go in there they hand you a square of the Christmas chocolate and it is delicious. I did go in there to buy something, not just for the freebie, honest.

Tomorrow morning the car goes back and we plan to go to Hollywood studios. We don’t seem to have spent any time there yet so we’re going to remedy that. Hey, there may even be some photos without animals in them 😉


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6 thoughts on “Day fourteen – Animal Kingdom Lodge

  1. I love your posts. Disney World is the happiest place on earth as far as I’m concerned. It’s one of the reasons I moved to Florida. Hope you have good weather for the remainder of your trip.


  2. Oh lovely! There really is something about giraffes, the giraffe enclosure is always the most popular at my local zoo (which is great cos it’s free and only 500 metres from my house!)


  3. Thoroughly enjoying reading your adventures – you look like you’ve acquired a nice tan.


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