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Day sixteen – Sanaa

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Today we had the most delicious lunch of the holiday so far. First though we had some great entertainment from our balcony.

We were lazing about, anticipating our lunch reservation when this cart pulled up on the savanna below.


We thought at first that they were tidying up the savanna but that wasn’t the case. I loved how she stood and had a conversation with the crane. Then she got the leaves and arranged them in the logs apart from one which she waved at the elands which were over the far side.


The elands pricked up their ears and slowly ambled over to see what was happening. Once they spotted what had been put out, they got stuck in. The Somali asses followed behind them to see where they were going.

eland ass

Hey guys! What’ve you got there? Can we have some?

eland ass 2

Umm, nope. Don’t think so. This is much too good to share.


They stripped those leaves bare quite quickly and then used their horns to break up the stems so they could munch those too. They really enjoyed them.

Once we’d finished watching them eat their lunch, we walked over to Kidani Village for our lunch. We were deliberately early so we could spend some time on the viewing area first. We saw the baby zebra again. He walked right past where we were standing. He really is cute.

Then we went into Sanaa for our lunch. I’d been really looking forward to this as we’d wanted to eat here for a while. We were given a table by the windows, which I was delighted by as the windows here look out over the savanna. While we were eating there was a zebra standing outside eating his lunch. A giraffe walked past and so did a pair of Oryx. It was almost enough to distract you from the delicious food. Every time you looked up there was something new to look at outside.

I wasn’t going to have a starter but Stephen really wanted to try the bread service so I agreed to help him with it a little. You choose three breads and three accompaniments from the range. This is our selection.

Sanaa bread

Spiced naan, poppadoms, onion kutcha with tamarind chutney, coconut chutney and cucumber raita. The breads were a bit spicier and more flavoursome than we’re used to from eating at home and were delicious. The coconut chutney in particular was amazing.

For the entrees I had the lamb kefta which is served open faced on a naan. It was just spicy enough so you knew you’d had something hot but not too spicy so you broke out into a sweat. It was full of flavour and I really enjoyed it. I was very close to eating it before taking the photo. So close that I cut into it before stopping to pick up the camera. My excuse is that it smelt amazing.

Sanaa lamb

Stephen had a dish where you choose two from a selection and they’re served with one of two grain dishes. He picked butter chicken and spicy Durban shrimp. The shrimp was very spicy. I know as I tried one but it was all lovely and beautifully presented.

Sanaa chicken

Usually I just drink water or coffee with occasionally some juice but today I fancied something different. They had a natural lemonade on the menu that had a wild berry foam topping. It tasted as good as it sounds. Stephen went wild and had a beer.

We cleared our plates and while it was going down, I took a couple of photo of the room we were in. The ceiling was magnificent.

Sanaa ceiling

It was a bit darker than that in there but I’ve lightened the photo slightly so you can see the details better. There was all sorts of detailing on the walls. Right by us was this.

Sanaa wall

I’d seen other people getting their desserts delivered and there was no way I was leaving without one. I liked the look of one in particular from the menu but I’d also seen a very pretty one going to the next table. Happily when I asked our server what it was, it was the one I’d had my eye on so that was a no brainer.

Coconut cheesecake with spiced berry compote. I cannot begin to tell you how fabulous this tasted. It was one of those dishes that you have to close your eyes as you take each mouthful so you can savour it fully. I may have been mmmm-ing slightly too. Oh it was good.

Sanaa CoconutCheesecake

Stephen had a Tanzanian chocolate mousse with Kenya coffee and caramel. He rather enjoyed his too. His butterfly was made from chocolate.

Sanaa choc mousse
Without a doubt one of the finest meals we’ve had on Disney and we’ll definitely be eating here again.

We walked back to Jambo House, got ready to go out and headed off to Animal Kingdom. It was quite late by now as we’d lingered over lunch but we had time for a ride on Dinosaur and the safari and a walk round the Tree of Life.

We’re hoping for an early start tomorrow so we’re having a lazy evening. Yeah, I know. Just for a change 🙂


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  1. Oh I do love a spot of yummy food blogging 😀


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