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Day eighteen – Saying goodbye


Today we had a game of Disney bus roulette. Always a fun way to say goodbye to Disney World for another year.

The way you play is to turn up to the bus stop and get on the first bus that comes and go where it takes you. We started off on a bus to Animal Kingdom where the plan was to then change to a resort bus so we could do some exploring. Stephen did have to physically restrain me from going into the park so I could go on the Safari again though.

The first resort bus that came was the one for Pop Century so we hopped on it. We’d taken our refillable mugs with us so the first thing we did was get a coffee to walk round with from their food court. Then we went exploring.


We walked round to the 90s and made our way slowly through the decades to the 50s. It’s a nicely themed resort and we found plenty to look at but I don’t think I’d like to stay there. I reckon we’ve been a bit spoiled with our DVC resorts. I liked the signs that are around the lake with snippets of info from each year. This one in particular stood out.


What a great year that was, eh?

From Pop Century we were able to walk to the Art of Animation resort which is very pretty. I loved the Lion King section.


Lots to look at and lots to photograph and pose with. I had my photo taken as well. This is not a funky new hairstyle, by the way. It was getting rather windy.


From within the Lion King section, you could see into the Finding Nemo area which gave you the chance to snag this photo.


They’re watching each other! Note the colour of that sky. We’d felt a few drops of rain but so far had got away with just moderate winds and some humidity. It wasn’t cold.

We sampled the coffee at this resort and then hopped on the next bus to arrive which took us to Downtown Disney. We had planned to do two buses again and get lunch at whichever resort we ended up at but we were getting peckish so thought with the choice available at DD, we might as well eat there.

downtown disney

There are so many eating places at Downtown Disney and there are lots that we haven’t tried yet so we keep saying that we’ll go somewhere different. Today we were set on doing just that. We looked at menus for several places and then ended up back at the Earl of Sandwich. We like it there, what can I say.

I had the Holiday turkey sandwich this time, which was delicious, and Stephen had the Jerk chicken sandwich. We didn’t bother with dessert as we thought it might be nice to get something at our next stop. And, just to be different, we got the launch instead of another bus and ended up in Port Orleans. We had a quick cup of their coffee but didn’t rate their dessert selection so thought we’d walk up to Riverside, as we’d got off the launch in the French quarter. We’d only been walking for a few minutes though when our luck ran out and the rain came down. It really came down.

We sheltered under the balcony of one of the buildings hoping it would just be a quick shower but it rained harder and harder. After about five minutes we headed back to the main hall via as many overhangs as we could find. The rain still wasn’t easing off so we decided to call it a day and head back. We came via Animal Kingdom as once again it was the first bus to arrive. We had the bus all to ourselves, oddly enough. It seems no-one else wanted to go there late in the afternoon in the pouring rain. *shrugs*

We picked up dessert from Mara on the way up and after relaxing for a while, I started packing to go home. It’s mostly all done now with just a few things left to go in but they’ll need to be done in the morning. The Magical Express is going to take us to the airport so we’ll just need to finish packing and get ourselves downstairs.

I don’t want to go home. I love it here.

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4 thoughts on “Day eighteen – Saying goodbye

  1. Love the idea of disney bus roulette, very disappointed in the rain for you, i was enjoying seeing where you ended up. We like to visit a new resort each holiday. Had hoped to visit Wilderness Resort in September but even with three weeks we ran out of time. Techically we went there as we had lunch there as part of a tour but didn’t have time to do more than gape at the reception area. Very similar to AKL i thought.


    • We did think it’d be nice if our tour took in Fort Wilderness or Wilderness Lodge. We’ve had a good look around the Lodge before and quite like it there. Maybe next year.


  2. That was a quick holiday 😦 Love resort hopping!!


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