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Cutting it fine


We had plenty of time to get ready on our last day. We had to be outside and ready to be picked up by the Magical Express by 11am. I only had a few things to fit into the cases so most of the morning was spent on the balcony saying goodbye to the animals.

The final packing was slightly interesting. I may have bought just a little too much yarn. It’s surprisingly bulky when you’re trying to cram it into a suitcase.

Our ride to the airport was fine. They showed video of Disney parks, things we could have done/had done and things to tempt us back next year. Not that any tempting is needed.

We were dropped at the correct terminal and given directions to check-in. There was no queue at United so we were quickly processed by a lovely, friendly lady called Anne and we went through security. I’ve got it down to a fine art now. Nothing in my pockets, I wear my crocs so they slip off quickly and my laptop is ready to pop out of its special section in my bag. I can be unloaded and loaded back up in seconds. We went through one of the big round x-ray thingies again. I have no objection to them. It keeps us safer in the air, which I’m all for.

We were through security in about ten minutes and wandered down to our gate. This is where we got an unpleasant surprise. Our 2.10 departure was now scheduled for 2.45. Not a disaster as we’d allowed plenty of time to make our connection so we weren’t too worried. It just cut into our ‘exploring Newark’ time.

Then the scheduled time went to 3.00. By 3.00 there was still no plane on the gate and our departure time was now 3.30 with an arrival time of 6.00. Our connection was at 7.10 so by now we were getting worried. Finally our plane arrived and had a super speedy turnaround and we were in the air by about 4.40. I’ve never heard the safety talk being done so quickly!

It took ages to get off the plane but once we were off, we started the fast walk. Yes, we were ‘those people’. The ones sprinting from gate to gate with a slightly panicked look on their faces. If we missed this flight, we’d either have had to get rerouted or wait for the next one, in 24 hours. If there was room on it. So, we walked fast.

We made it, just. We were the last to board and then had the problem of where to stash our two small pieces of hand luggage as the overhead lockers were full of giant rucksacks, cases and massive coats. We started moving some of the coats along to try to find room and the people in the row on the other side offered to have their coats out, which helped enough to get one of ours in. The other had to be rammed under Stephen’s seat so he had no leg room at all. The people behind us had loads of bags and had taken up far more than their fair share of space, especially as United always insist that people only put one item in the overhead lockers.

Am I ranting? It just ticks me off when we only have two small pieces and can’t fit them in, yet some people go on with masses and take all the space when they’ve been asked not to. Rant over. (I didn’t let it spoil the flight. I went to sleep for most of it)

We got into Birmingham on time, and used the automated passport control things. That was nice and easy and very quick. We grabbed a bottle of water each and got straight into a taxi to come home. It is freezing here and we’re feeling it all the more from just having left those lovely warm temperatures in Florida. Brrr.

We had a wonderful holiday, with some new things tried and some old favourites thrown in too. I’m going to carry on with the plans for our next one now so I don’t feel so sad about coming home.

But, at least we’re home in time for Doctor Who. It always helps to have something to look forward to.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Cutting it fine

  1. We miss you already here in Florida. I liked reading your posts. Glad you had a good time and you made your plane. So you’re a fan of Disney World and Dr Who– are we related? Keep warm there. Its 20 C here today, not to rub it in.


    • Thank you 🙂
      I’m missing Florida and the people in it too. It’s freezing here. I am not looking forward to winter. I’ll just have to spend it planning my next trip to WDW.


  2. At least they generally hold connections like that when you are booked through, far worse if Easyjet or summit!! It’s always the opposite gate though isn’t it?! Roll on next year, loved your trippies, ages since I have read one. Fiona


    • If it’d been any tighter I’d have spoken to one of the flight attendants to ask if something could be done to get us off first or let the other plane know we were on the way, but yes, United are quite good in that respect.

      And thanks for reading 🙂


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