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A pretty pile of yarn


On my little trip to Michaels, in Florida, I bought a bit of yarn. I knew they had a yarn event on with 40% off and I also had a 25% voucher to use so that’d be why I bought enough to make packing to come home slightly interesting. I did have a plan for it though and I’ve already started using it.

This is my lovely yarn stash in all its colourful glory.

vanna's choice

Two blues, two pinks, two purples and a grey. I’m hoping it’ll look ok in the pattern that I’m using. So far I like it. Good job as it’s a bit far to go and get more. I’m going to make a throw with it in a log cabin design. It’s a free pattern that I found on Ravelry. Link here.

I’ve almost made the first square but I think I’m going to undo it and start again with a size larger hook as it’s coming up a bit small and the fabric feels a bit stiffer than it could be. Better to try it with a larger hook now before I get too much more done.

One of the other bargains I got on holiday was this yarn drum that I spotted in Joanns. It was $20 but I had a coupon giving me 60% off one item. It was the most expensive item that I was buying there so I used the coupon on it.

yarn drum 01

I’m always struggling for somewhere to put my ball of yarn while I’m crocheting and it usually ends up being flung onto the floor when I’m pulling more yarn out a bit too enthusiastically. The drum is great. You can keep the yarn inside it and the end comes out the hole in the top for you to use. There’s a slot so you can fit the whole ball through it if you want, so it’s more convenient than others like it that I’ve seen.

yarn drum 02

I’ve got my hook, needles and scissors in the mesh at the front. There’s a small pouch that clips on but I’ve taken that off for the moment. I may use it to store my hooks. The drum is a really nice size. I have one of each colour of the yarn that I’m using for my throw in there and there’s still room for the top ball to roll about when I’m pulling on it while I’m using it. I’m rather chuffed with my bargain purchase.

yarn drum 03

As soon as I’ve completed a square, I’ll post a photo. I’m itching to finish the cushion that I started sewing before I went on holiday though so I’m not sure which project is going to get attacked first.

I can’t see anything but the most basic housework getting a look in, that’s for sure.



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2 thoughts on “A pretty pile of yarn

  1. I love the pattern and your colour choices. Can’t wait to watch it grow 🙂


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