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First Log Cabin square completed


It took three goes but I’ve finally finished one complete square. I started off using a 5mm hook as recommended in the pattern but the resulting fabric was quite tight and was also a fair bit smaller than the 11.5″ it was supposed to be. The gauge given is for the whole square so it’s not until you’ve almost finished it that you can really tell if you’re anywhere near the right size.

Square two was done with a 5.5mm hook and I didn’t even get halfway before deciding it still wasn’t going to be large enough. The fabric felt softer and more flexible but it wasn’t going to be close to the right size.

Square three and a 6mm hook. This time I was very careful to keep my hands relaxed while crocheting to make sure the tension stayed nice and even and this time the size was close. I blocked it before taking the photo, and it was very easy to block it to an even square of just the right size. Phew. Third time lucky then.

log cabin square

I’ve decided to do several of the pink centres next as they don’t take long and then work with one colour at a time until those blocks are done before starting with another batch of pink middles. It’ll be quicker than constantly changing the ball of yarn.

I like the different stitches used in this square. They give a beautifully textured feel to it. The centre, purple mix and pale blue use long trebles to make bobbles on the surface. The deep pink and purple are plain double crochet and the deeper blue and grey are long half-trebles which is a more subtle effect than the bobbles but looks lovely. (UK crochet terms used)

I’m not sure how many squares I’ll get done before I run out of yarn. I suspect the purple mix will go first as I didn’t realise when I bought it that it’s only an 85g ball compared to the others which are 100g. The pink mix is also 85g but it uses so little in the centre that I think it should last longer than the others even though I only have two of it.

Once I’ve finished making the squares, some time next year probably, I’ll decide how to arrange them. There are some gorgeous interpretations of the pattern on Ravelry where people have arranged the squares to make different designs.

I managed to get a bit more done on my quilted cushion and hope to finish that over the weekend. I’ve looked through my fabric stash from my holiday and have great plans for some of it so I’m keen to get sewing. I’ve also just converted my odd Nectar points into Ebay vouchers and have looked at more fabric on there but will restrain myself until I’ve used some of what I have, if only to make some space in my storage box.


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4 thoughts on “First Log Cabin square completed

  1. ooh, I really like these – I’m going to have a look on your Ravelry to find the pattern!


  2. I’ve never seen crocheted log cabin blocks, it’s a lovely way to interpret a traditional block!


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