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Not-bunny slippers


I’ve got several projects on the go at the moment so obviously as soon as I saw the bunny slippers on Dance like a robot, I had to stop work on everything else so that I could make them. Well, I did need a pair of slippers…

I knew I had some chunky yarn in my stash and thought it would be an ok colour for bunnies, but as it turned out, it’s not that rabbit-like so I’ve left off the ears and tail and just made slippers, hence mine being not-bunny slippers. I used Sirdar Crofter chunky in Hound dog.

not-bunny slippers

I had to change up to a size 7mm hook as once again I was crocheting too tightly but once I’d got the tension right, they were very easy to make. The instructions were excellent, especially with the pictures included. They worked up very quickly. I finished most of them during the film Serenity (one of my favourites) and Strictly come dancing.

The soles are double thickness so you get a lovely soft pad beneath your feet. They’re very basic but nice and cosy. I’m wearing mine now. It’s just a shame that my yarn wasn’t a better bunny colour but if I see something soft and a suitable colour when I’m out shopping, I could be very tempted to get enough for another pair. This time with ears.

Huge thanks to Dance like a robot for sharing the pattern.


Author: Carole

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8 thoughts on “Not-bunny slippers

  1. Might have to have a go at these! Gorgeous colour.


  2. oh those are absolutely fab!


  3. Ooh…I like those, might have to give them a go myself!


  4. Hooray! I am all emotional, thank you so much for sharing this, it is great to see one of my patterns making it’s way in the big wide world! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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