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Five at a time


Slow but steady progress on my log cabin squares. I’ve done five centres and am crocheting one colour at a time on the five to save having to keep changing my ball of yarn. I took a quick photo to show the texture on the bobble stitch centre, which is formed by doing long trebles.


I really like this Vanna’s Choice yarn. It’s very soft and feels nice as it runs through my fingers. I think this afghan is going to be lovely and snuggly when it’s finished.

I’ve done the next two colours on those squares now and will hopefully have some more progress to report soon.


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “Five at a time

  1. I really like your log cabin afghan. I am fairly new at crochet, I am more skilled at knitting. I struggle with the 2nd round of section 1 . I don’t understand where I have to make a sc and a long dc. Could you help me by telling what I have to make in each of the 8 sc from round 1. I will really appreciate some help then I think I will be fine.


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