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Mug Rug #2


I needed to try another Mug Rug after the last one didn’t turn out as expected. It was ok, and is a very good iron stand in my craft room, but I wanted a Mug Rug for the table next to my comfy sofa. Emmely left me a link in the comments from the first Mug Rug pointing me towards an easier method of binding that might be better for my cheap machine.

This is the result using that method.


The tutorial for the cheat binding is at Made by Rae and uses the backing fabric for the binding instead of a separate strip. This reduces the bulk and my sewing machine liked it much better. I still had issues with the fabric rucking up, despite using a walking foot and a quilting needle but it was a definite improvement.

The back is a little messy, but I won’t see that and I’ll get neater with practise so I’m not going to worry too much about that.


Ok, looking at the photo, it’s probably a lot messy, but it’ll do.

This time I used some of the narrow strips from that honey bun that I used for my cushion. As they were going to be in the same area I thought it’d be nice if they matched.


I’m still without my new cutting board and ruler that I ordered two weeks ago. Ups lost the parcel and the Ebay seller is being very quiet. I’ve escalated to Ebay customer service now so hopefully I’ll soon get a refund and can go elsewhere to buy what I need. So frustrating when I just wanted my parcel delivered.


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10 thoughts on “Mug Rug #2

  1. I need to make some of these, the teething sprog keeps chewing our metal/ ceramic ones!


  2. well done, that’s great!
    what a ‘pita’ regarding your order. make sure you leave appropriate feedback, if you havent already, so others can see how ‘helpful’ the seller is!. i hope you get it sorted quickly and to your satisfaction.


  3. Your mug rug goes perfectly with your beautiful cushion! Nice binding method too 🙂


  4. This one definitely looks better than the previous one! With some more practice you’ll get it perfect.


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