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View of my craft room


The top end of my craft room seems to be gradually turning into a sewing area, with most of the scrapbooking stash disappearing into cupboards. The window is up at that end so the light is better and it is nice having all my fabric, cutting equipment and tools in the same area as the sewing machine.

I thought you might like to see.


The drawer unit in the corner, plus the box on top of it, contains my small fabric stash plus tools and other bits and bobs.


There’s still some scrapbooking stuff on the wall there, and a bit more beneath the desk. Most of that floor-space is taken up with four large Really Useful Boxes containing yarn and more sewing stuff – mostly the bulkier items.

This is the 90mph sewing machine. The very cheap and cheerful sewing machine.


I have my eye on a Pfaff and am hoping to get one for Christmas if I can save half towards it myself.

My craft space doesn’t always looks so tidy by the way, although I do put everything away between projects. (which is when I took these photos) It’s covered with the makings of another block for the sampler quilt at the moment and is most definitely not tidy.

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17 thoughts on “View of my craft room

  1. I hope to have a craft room like that one day ^^
    And it’s lovely to see your 12 month banners all hanging on the wall !


  2. Great room. Love how the cottages are displayed.


  3. I love it! I dream of having a dedicated craft space. One day!


  4. Love the neatness of it, my sewing room is a disaster!


  5. I love your cottages of the month up there on the wall…..you’ve given me some inspiration! A craft room is on my wish list – one day I will have one!


    • It’s great to have all my stuff in the same place and somewhere to work. I’m planning to get more cross stitch on the walls just as soon as I get around to framing it…


  6. I think we have the same table in our sewing room! Except that my extension piece is located on the other side of the cornerpiece. Mine gets covered with random stuff pretty quickly as well.


    • Mine’s from Ikea. So are the bookcases and random storage shelving. I like Ikea 🙂


      • Mine is from Ikea as well so it must be the same model. I like how much space it gives me to work on. I currently have my cutting mat on it (just like you!) and 3 machines. I have to switch those around a little when I want to use a different one but it works.


        • Must be then. They are very useful. I like that you can adjust the height of them and that they’re easy to clean, as well as the size of them.

          It’s good when you find something that works 🙂


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