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Ribbed scarf with pockets


In last month’s issue of Simply Crochet magazine, there’s a hooded scarf with pockets. I loved the rib stitch that’s used as soon as I saw it and thought I’d like to make it. I had a look in my yarn stash to see if I’d got anything suitable.

I found this.


It’s a super chunky which is thicker than the pattern called for but I thought the colour would be perfect and as I had six skeins, I thought I’d have plenty.

Once I started crocheting though, I found that the rib used a lot of wool and I wasn’t going to have enough to make the hood part. I decided to carry on and just do the scarf with pockets but needed to frog it a couple of times before settling on the right amount of stitches to get a width I was happy with.

It used five skeins in the end and I may have made it a touch too long but with it being neatly folded next to me while I was happily crocheting away, I sort of got carried away and didn’t notice just how long it was getting.

After a very gentle wash, as it’s a pure merino wool, and blocking to open the rib out a little, this is what it looked like.

And a close-up of the pockets.


It was a lovely stitch to do once I got the hang of it. I’ve got some Aran yarn now to make myself a hooded one, once I’ve done some more on my granny squares blanket. This scarf, like the Angel scarf, was a birthday present for a friend.


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7 thoughts on “Ribbed scarf with pockets

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  2. Gorgeous – did your friend like it? I look forward to seeing the hooded version.


  3. Scarf with pockets = genius! Looks beautiful.


  4. That looks lovely and snuggly.


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