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Log cabin squares


I’ve done a bit more to my Log Cabin afghan. I have six finished squares from my last go at it, so I thought I’d do six more to go with them. Six at a time seemed a reasonable number to work on at once.

I’m getting on quite well with them and have done the centres and the next round already.


That was the plan. Six at a time. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away and when I thought to check, I’d done seven. I thought I might as well do one more to make it eight, and then thought I’d do one more to make nine. That’s because I’ve worked out that I will definitely have enough yarn to do eighteen so nine would be half of that. Then, next time, I could do the other nine. Perfect.

Problem was, I was a bit distracted as I’ve just discovered the boxed sets of Doctor Who in the catch-up thing on the TV. I’ve been watching them while I crochet and I got so interested in the episodes that I was watching, that I ended up with this.


There were eighteen when I finally noticed that maybe I should stop making the bobbly centres. Once you’ve done a few, you can just knock them out without really thinking about what you’re doing, and apparently that’s exactly what I did. Once I’d stopped making centres, I decided that I might as well do the next round on them all and then maybe the next round after that. Then I’ll decide whether to keep working on all eighteen or split them up.

It’s nice having so many started. I can almost see a finished afghan.

Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Log cabin squares

  1. You must have been really enjoying making those! I do love the yarn.


  2. Have any objections about me putting up this on my twitter?


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