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Deadly Heat – Richard Castle
Thanks to our superb library service, I got my hands on this just in time for it to be my first read of the month, and it was excellent. I’m sure they’re using a different writer now as this one and the last book had a different feel to the first three in the series. They’re better written and use different language. In this one Nikki and Jameson are tracking both a serial killer and the man who gave the order for Nikki’s mom to be killed. You know there’s more going on and someone within the investigation is involved but you just get subtle clues and hints so you’re never quite sure. I really enjoyed it and loved that it tied up a lot of loose ends. I hope there’ll be more in the series.

Takedown Twenty – Janet Evanovich
Loved this! Stephanie Plum is just so funny and has to be the worst bounty hunter ever. I loved Kevin the giraffe in this book and her continuing man dilemma. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next one now.

The ruby slippers – Keir Alexander
This was sent to me by the nice people at Constable & Robinson and is published next month. It was a smashing read. It starts with Rosa, a bag lady in New York. She has a secret treasure, and a hidden past. The story is about her nephew, his family, and some of the people connected to him. You find out about Rosa, and her story and see the various characters interact. It’s hard to describe what the book is about but it is beautifully written. I read it in one go as I was so entranced by it and so keen to find out what was going to happen to the characters. I really liked it and would definitely read more by the author.

The other typist – Suzanne Rindell
I got this one from the library after seeing the book on our shelves at work. It looked really good so I was looking forward to it. I only got about one chapter in though, and I had to abandon it as the print was too small. I don’t have a problem usually so this must have been quite a bit smaller than you normally see. Problem was, I’d got interested in the book by the time I gave up on it so ended up downloading it onto my Kindle. I doubt I’d have bought the book if I hadn’t needed to see what happened next but it was handy being able to do that.
So. Was it worth it? I did enjoy it. It was one of those that you need to keep reading to find out what on earth is going on and to be honest, I’m still not sure what the conclusion was. I do like a book that makes you think and this one did that. Great atmosphere throughout the story too, and excellent characters. I don’t regret paying the £4 for it.

The real macaw – Donna Andrews
I was looking on my shelves for something quick and light to read as I knew I’d be going to the library later in the day to collect three books that I’d had on reserve. This one leapt out at me and demanded to be read. I do love these books but I did make a bit of a mistake with the last one that I read. I accidentally read the book after this one as I didn’t see this sitting on the top. A hazard of having too many TBRs to fit properly on the shelf. It didn’t spoil it though, even knowing how it was going to turn out. The books are so funny with such brilliant characters that it’s easy to lose yourself in them.

I am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes
This was brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. The writing was excellent and the plot was completely gripping. My favourite book of the year so far. It’s about spies, the war on terror, and a terrorist who poses a very real threat to the US. It’s a large book at over 700 pages but every page was thrilling with no padding out just for the sake of it. The tag line for the book is “this is the only thriller you need to read”. I don’t agree with that as I always say that you can never have enough books, but this is quite possibly one of the best thrillers that I’ve read. I’m just sad that the author doesn’t have any other books out.

The silent wife – A. S. A. Harrison
This is another one that called to me from the shelves at work. I thought it sounded interesting so ordered it from the library. It was a really good read. I liked how you had ‘His’ chapters and ‘Hers’ chapters so you got both points of view. I usually like it when books do that. From the opening chapter you knew what was going to happen at some point and I enjoyed reading and finding out why and how.


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2 thoughts on “Books read in February

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t post on this one – as you know, I’ve downloaded, read and recommended Pilgrim! The husband is now touting it as a smashing book! (He’s not finished yet, but nearly there). Guess what I re-read last weekend? I was busily recommending it to somebody and popped onto Amazon to see if it was still for sale and lo and behold it was available on Kindle so I clicked quick as I had it from the library when I read it. Time and Again. Thoroughly enjoyed my re-read, especially as I’d forgotten some of it. Book 2 was there was well…say no more!


    • The Jack Finney books? I love those. I like reading anything to do with time travel but those books are just great.

      And now I fancy re-reading it myself…


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