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What a lovely sunny weekend we’ve had! It was so nice that not only did I go outside on both days, but I also persuaded my husband to join me. There was a huge conifer, a slow-growing Juniper, that had got very overgrown. It was a beautiful shrub once but there was a lot of dead wood underneath it that was making it impossible to tidy up. It had to go. For this I needed the loppers and someone to do the lopping. The husband was very useful for that.

With the conifer out of the way, I was able to get to more of the brambles and between us, we got quite a lot done in our half-hour sessions. I’d have loved to stay out for longer as I was enjoying the sunshine, and the gardening, but I stuck to the plan so I didn’t damage my back. I’m very pleased with how much we got done though.


Look, we even found the pond!


I think the gravel and the weed-proof membrane are going to have to come up so that I can dig out the rest of the brambles and other weeds. We could probably do with some new membrane as this has holes in it where I planted through it in a couple of places. It’s been down for at least fifteen years now, probably nearer twenty.

You can see some of the brambles that will need to be dug out in this photo.


I reckon we can get most of this side cleared by the end of the coming week. The husband says he’s game to help some more so hopefully my next Jungle post will show a lot more progress.


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6 thoughts on “Jungle update

  1. Oh well done. Mr P and I both spent an hour or so in the garden on both days and progress has been made here too. Not sure if I have any before pictures but I will have a look.


  2. It is such hard work to clear brambles. We have one in the greenhouse. It produces whopper berries but we’ve tried so hard to get rid of it!


    • Ours had berries on them but you couldn’t get near enough to pick them. The brambles are almost gone from the one side now thank goodness, but I suspect it’s going to be an uphill battle keeping them away.


  3. That’s much better. Now you can come and do mine, please. Lucy


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