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We found a shed!


We haven’t done as much work in the Jungle as I’d hoped we would but there is still definite progress. Stephen has made a good start on bagging up the brambles that I’ve hacked off so a visit to the tip is in our near future.


There’s still a lot to be bagged up. I keep starting new piles as the existing ones get too large or too far from where I’m working.

In among the brambles, which were scratchy but not too hard to cut through, were some harder branches. Some were small trees that had taken root and grown behind the brambles and some are from the garden behind us. It’s an invasive shrub with underground runners and all but the thinnest branches have required the lopper. It made for slow going but the gravel area on the left side of the garden is now pretty much cleared.

Look, not only did we find the shed up the top, but we can even get in it now. Or, we could if we knew where the key to the padlock is hiding.


You’ll see there’s one of my little piles of branches ready to be cut into smaller pieces and bagged up. Those are mostly the hard branches so a job for Stephen.

I’m tempted to leave the last few brambles at the very top of the garden as it’ll deter the neighbours from climbing over the fence to retrieve their footballs. You can see how many there are there now we’ve cleared the jungle in that area. There are quite a few more on the other side that we haven’t unearthed yet. You’d think they’d aim a bit better considering how many they’re losing.

Next job on this side is to clear the pond, get rid of the falling-apart bench and then I can get the gravel and weed-proof membrane up. Once that’s up, I can dig out the roots of the brambles etc. I’d just like a bit of sun and/or warmer weather first please. I’m not keen on this latest cold snap.


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6 thoughts on “We found a shed!

  1. You are really cracking on with this project, you must be getting quite excited about the progress. How is the back holding up?


    • It’s come on a lot faster than I thought it would. I’d expected it to take months to get through all those brambles. We’ve increased our time to 40 minutes now and so far my back is coping fine with that.


  2. Oh well done, you are making good progress. We got the veg beds filled to the brim on Sunday so now we can choose something’s to plant… Yay! Unfortunately there is still half of the compost heap left! We are unearthing lots of bricks and rubble and general rubbish too…. Think we are going to need a skip!! The clearing of the old shed and replacing with a new one is beginning to seem like a HUGE task just now.


    • That’s great that you’ve got your veg beds done. I have lots of ideas for what I want to grow, but I need to do a lot more work before I’m ready to start planting.
      We’re planning to lose a lot of the rubble in the bottom of the pond before we fill it in. I’m thinking it’ll make a rather good veg bed.


  3. Great work being done!


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