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The shock of the fall – Nathan Filer
I loved this and read it in one gulp. It deals with mental illness, death, grief and guilt and is beautifully written. It’s one of those books where you need to keep reading once you’ve started. You know that Matt’s brother died but not the details, which are gradually revealed through the book. There was humour in there too and some poignant moments. By the end, my sight was blurred due to holding back tears. Definitely recommended.

The human game – Simon Read
I saw this on the shelves at work and thought it sounded interesting. It’s about the hunt for the murderers of the men involved in the great escape from Stalag Luft III. It was very factual but also fascinating to read. I rather liked it.

The cuckoo’s calling – Robert Galbraith
Written by J. K. Rowling under a different name and very good indeed. I loved the private detective in it, Cormoran Strike. The case he’s on is that of a famous model who appears to have committed suicide by jumping from her balcony. Strike is hired by her brother who doesn’t believe that it was a suicide. The detecting process was excellent and I loved the ending. I believe there’s another book coming out to follow this one so I’ll definitely be reading it.

And the mountains echoed – Khaled Hosseini
I’ve been looking forward to reading this one for ages as I loved his previous two books. I’ve been on a huge waiting list at the library but finally it was my turn to read it. Sadly, although I enjoyed it up to a point, I didn’t feel that it was as good as his other books. It felt bitty and disconnected with too many threads going on. I was a bit disappointed in it.

Storm Front – Jim Butcher
I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to reread all the Harry Dresden books. It’s one of my favourite series and as there’s a new book out soon, it seemed like a good time to remind myself of everything that’s gone on before. This morning I didn’t have one of my new library books handy so grabbed the Kindle and read the first in the Dresden series. As I read, I mostly remembered how it ended up, and what happened along the way but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment as the writing is so good. It really conjures up (pun intended) a great image of Dresden and his surroundings. I’ll be reading the second book soon, once I’ve tackled library book mountain.

Fool Moon – Jim Butcher
I wanted to start a new book but didn’t have my library books to hand. Rather than go all the way downstairs to get one of them, I grabbed the Kindle and read the next Harry Dresden. I remembered the plot of this one in more detail but again it didn’t stop my enjoyment of it. They’re such good books.

The unpredictable consequences of love – Jill Mansell
I usually like Jill Mansell’s books so I’ve had this on reserve at the library for a few weeks. I’ve just finished it and although I enjoyed it, I don’t think it was one of her best. I found it a bit too sickly-sweet for my taste. I prefer the ones that either have more humour or are grittier. It was ok though, and passed a few hours in a pleasant way.

Never go back – Lee Child
I do love the Jack Reacher books. This one tied up a storyline that had been lurking for a while and it was well worth waiting for. Lots of adventure, interesting characters and plenty of action. Marvellous stuff!


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