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I’ve had quite a few minor health niggles recently, none of which my GP could help with. Blood tests came back normal so as far as the doctor was concerned, I was fine, even if I didn’t feel fine.

I started looking around the internet for help, and was pointed in the direction of Dr. Mark Hyman’s website by a friend. It made very interesting reading and I started to adjust my diet in line with some of his recommendations. I cut down on processed foods and started to thin out the amount of caffeine that I consumed.

After a couple of months I was almost caffeine free. I was drinking only decaf green tea, red bush tea and decaf coffee and was sleeping a lot better at night. I was surprised how easy it was. I’d assumed that I’d get dreadful withdrawal symptoms but maybe I didn’t because of doing it so gradually.

As we had a week off in March, we decided to do the 10 day detox by Dr. Hyman. Yup, I got Stephen involved too. The detox involved cutting out gluten, dairy, caffeine and processed foods with their hidden sugars and other nasties. On the plus side, the recipes included in the meal plan looked very nice indeed and we were looking forward to trying them.

The ten days went really well. We did the exercising and ate the delicious meals, which we enjoyed cooking. All fresh foods and cooked from scratch. I’d forgotten how enjoyable cooking could be.

We had such good results from the detox that we’ve carried on with the basic plan and are still eating very healthily and very well. We’ve had some delicious meals, such as Monkfish tail with pesto and roasted vegetables. I tweaked the recipe a bit and left out the sugar.


It was as yummy as it looks.


We’ll be having that again, and we’re planning to try it with different types of fish too. I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so much fish. Last night we had Salmon pecan cakes with wilted spring greens.


The red blob is some of my ‘knock your socks off’ salsa. It’s a bit spicy for Stephen but I think it’s perfect. I’ve loved experimenting with different combinations of oils and vinegars to make my own dressings. Making them fresh, we can have a different one every night.

One of our other favourite recipes has been the turkey meatballs from the detox book. So easy to make and very, very tasty.


The result of all this healthy eating is that Stephen has lost a significant amount of weight, which he’s been struggling with for years. Ok, so he’s had no bread or potatoes, but he hasn’t gone hungry. We haven’t felt at all deprived.

Me? I’ve lost a few pounds but more importantly, my health has improved drastically. The brain fog has lifted making me feel more alert. I’m not so lethargic any more. I have energy. Lots of energy. I feel alive again.

Most importantly of all, the migraines have decreased. I was recently diagnosed with CDH (chronic daily headache) and MOH (medication overuse headache). Once you get into that downward spiral, it’s difficult to change it, but the detox has done just that. I’ve gone from one migraine or headache per day, to one or two per week. The improvement is in just four weeks and I’m feeling better all the time.

I’m posting this as I’m so impressed with the results we’ve got just from changing our diets. This isn’t a faddy diet, it’s eating good food and it’s something that we can sustain. With how healthy I feel now, I have a lot of incentive and I’m keen to share my experience.


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8 thoughts on “Healthy eating

  1. I am so glad that it’s working so well for you both… That fish dish looks mouth-wateringly good.


  2. Hi Carole,
    Been reading your post about the detox diet and it very inspiring , so took a look at Dr Hymans website. Can I ask did you use all the vitamin supplements he suggests while detoxing?


    • Hi Beth. Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I didn’t take all the supplements. I took, and am still taking, the magnesium, D3, multi-vitamin, and fish oil. The magnesium in particular is said to be helpful for migraines. My husband is taking those plus 1 PGX per meal.

      We managed to get the multi-vits, fish oil and D3 from Costco which helped with the cost of it. The magnesium came from Amazon, as did the PGX, which was the hardest one to source.


  3. Your food looks delicious! I cut out caffeine overnight a few weeks ago. I felt rotten, aching joints, headache, a bit like flu without the runny nose. I only ever drank a maximum of three cups of tea per day. At first, I didn’t realise what was making me feel so ill but it was withdrawal symptoms. From now on it is de-caff green tea for me. I don’t miss the caffeine one bit. Roasted vegetables are one of my favourite foods too 🙂 Well done on making the changes!


    • I was drinking around 5 or 6 mugs of coffee per day, which is why I decided it might be best to cut it out gradually. I dread to think what it would have been like to go cold turkey.
      I’m not missing the caffeine one bit either, and I’m really enjoying the odd cup of Red Bush tea.


  4. I don’t think many people realise just how much our health has been compromised by manufacturers – all designed to make them rich. Cooking from scratch is the only way to ensure you really know what’s in your food.
    You’ve done really well and those meals look delicious. I haven’t heard of this guy, but I will definitely check out his website.


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