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Goodies in today’s post


I needed some different spices for a recipe that I wanted to cook today. I couldn’t find them in the supermarket so I had to order online. I found a store that had a great selection and they had all but one of the spices that I needed. I decided I could wing it on the last one and placed my order from Spice Mountain.

I wasn’t optimistic that it’d arrive in time so I was prepared to juggle the week’s meal plan and cook something different today. To my surprise though, it did arrive. Excellent service from them. I was very excited to open my box and find this lot.


I ordered the three spices for the chilli that I’m cooking today.


The chilli is simmering at the moment and smells divine. I’ve got some recipes bookmarked that call for whole or chopped chillies so I ordered the two types, while I was there.


And I got a couple of other spices that I’ll be needing soon too. My spice collection is growing nicely now. I don’t think I’ve ever used so much seasoning or so many different spices and herbs.


My huge pot of chilli has some delicious ingredients in it besides the spices. There’s butternut squash, carrot, courgette, garlic, onions, crushed tomatoes, red kidney beans and cannellini beans.



I’ll let you know what it tastes like.


Author: Carole

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8 thoughts on “Goodies in today’s post

  1. Please stop! You are making me so hungry. I can almost smell your cooking 🙂 YUM!!


  2. Oh wow that’s a great package. I love harissa on couscous.


  3. Wow!, what an interesting order!. Have fun with them!


  4. Ooh that is a smashing website, I’ve searched before for whole chipotle chillies and failed to find them. I’ll be placing an order as soon as I get on the big computer! You chilli sounds delish.


    • It was perfect. Just the right amount of spice to make your mouth tingle a bit. Very tasty. Stephen loved it and wants to use the same spice mix with some of the minced turkey.


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