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We went to Costco last week and stocked up on some healthy foods. One of the things we got was a large pack of mini chicken breast fillets. They’re useful for having with salad for our lunches as it’s easy to make up a smaller portion. I had a cooking morning on Saturday and made four different batches for the freezer.

One of our favourite chicken dishes is Dijon mustard and rosemary coated chicken. I made a batch of those.

Dijon & rosemary chicken

I made the Asian chicken a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed that so I made up some of that too.

Asian chicken

Then I started to improvise. I had some lemon juice left over from another recipe so I combined that with some herbs, garlic and olive oil and marinated some of the chicken in that for a while. It came out rather nicely. There was a bit left over after making up the lunch portions so we sampled it. Yummy.

Lemon herb chicken

For the last portion, I decided to finish off the last bit of the jar of sun-dried tomatoes. I added a rehydrated Ancho chilli and the oil from the jar of tomatoes and marinated the chicken in it. Once again there was a bit left over for us to sample. Very nice indeedy.

Chilli tomato chicken

Altogether I got 20 lunch portions out of the pack of chicken so they should last us a while. All I need to do now, when we don’t have leftovers from dinner, is pull some out of the freezer.

I may make some burgers and meatballs next weekend as I have quite a bit of pork mince in the freezer. We got it just as it was being reduced in Morrisons last weekend. I do love a bargain.


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