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A productive weekend


I’m feeling quite pleased with how much I got done this weekend. I’ve cooked, I’ve sewed and I’ve crocheted. I’ve tried some new recipes and now have work trousers that fit. Not bad for a Grand Prix weekend.

The first thing that I did was alter my work trousers. As the company that I work for no longer provide uniform trousers, but dictate what sort you have to wear, I was reluctant to spend my hard-earned cash on buying new ones. The ones that I’ve been wearing were a couple of sizes too large and were just about hanging on to my hip bones. A disaster waiting to happen, I feared. I decided to try to take them in a bit and if I made an almighty mess, I wouldn’t be much worse off.

I removed the waistband, took them in at the side seams, and then had to take the waistband apart to adjust it from its side seams so the shape matched the newly altered waist of the trousers. Happily it all worked ok and the trousers are now fit to be seen in. Hooray! I’ve been putting off doing this for ages as I wasn’t at all convinced that I could do it so I’m rather chuffed at the moment.

I’ve done quite a bit of crocheting on my Log Cabin squares and am now halfway through putting the next colour on. I’m hoping to finish the other squares this week and then crack on with the last colour.

I wanted to make Stephen a couple of treats this weekend as he’s been good about all the healthy eating. Mostly. There’s a recipe for blueberry muffins in the detox book which I fancied. It’s sugar, dairy and gluten-free. This is how they turned out.


They were really nice. The texture was different to a normal muffin, but still good. Stephen loved them and is insisting that I make more.


I made lots of meals to go in the freezer using about 2 kg of mince. Mostly pork mince but there was some beef mince too. I made two different types of burgers, some meatballs, and some Moroccan pork mince. We had some of that for dinner on Saturday and it was very nice indeed. Stephen’s other treat was Scotch eggs. I found a recipe that used spicy pork mince and it turned out beautifully. He really, really liked them.

The freezer is now full of different meals that we can just defrost and add veg to so I don’t have to cook every night now. It’s taken a few weeks to get to that point but I should have a bit more spare time now as long as I have a good cooking session now and then to keep it that way.

Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “A productive weekend

  1. sounds like you’ve been a busy bee. Now that your freezer is stocked up, you can come over and stock up mine lol


  2. They look delicious. So much nicer than the stodgy shop bought ones 🙂


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