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I’ve been baking


I found a recipe on Pinterest that looked rather yummy and as it was dairy and gluten-free, I thought I’d give it a go. The muffins worked out nicely so I was hoping that this would be as nice.

It’s an apple-cinnamon cake and uses coconut flour and lots of eggs, as well as the apples, spice and other flavourings. It didn’t take long to prepare and was very simple to make. I’d halved the ingredients and was a bit unsure what size dish to bake it in as I didn’t know how much it would rise. I’ll use a smaller one next time and remember to take a bit off the cooking time as I just got to this before it started to burn.

It came out looking, and smelling very nice. Actually the smell while it was cooking was scrumptious.


I left it to cool for about half an hour. I thought that was very restrained of me considering the bewitching aroma coming from it. Then I gave in and cut myself a small piece. Just to make sure it was ok.


Both the flavour and texture were excellent. I’ll definitely be making this one again. The recipe can be found on the Primally Inspired blog.

I’m just going to share one of the meals that I did earlier this week. I haven’t cooked trout before and I’m not sure when I last ate it, but this was so nice that I’ll be getting more if I see it at a good price.

Pan-seared trout, with salad, baked sweet potato (divine) and home-made tomato salsa.



That apple cake is calling to me. I don’t think it’s going to last very long 🙂

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10 thoughts on “I’ve been baking

  1. btw I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Award – no obligation to play along, ^^


  2. what a lovely colurful plate ^^ everything looks delicious


  3. Ooooh…. That apple-cinnamon cake looks GOOD. Enjoy.


  4. Everything looks mighty yummy!


  5. That apple cake looks devine. I love apple and cinnamon. Lucy


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