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Curry & pudding!


I’ve been in the kitchen again and so there are once more, some food photos for you to see. Sorry 😛

I found a lovely recipe for Curried spinach with chickpeas and coconut milk and as it looked quite quick and easy to do, as well as yummy, we thought we’d try it. The recipe is in the Blood sugar solution cookbook by Dr. Mark Hyman.

Before I did that though, I prepared the pudding. Oh yes, we really treated ourselves today. I found this recipe for a berry cobbler and as I had all the ingredients, I decided to make it. It was very easy to do and went in the oven while we were eating our curry.

We have been a bit more indulgent than usual today, but then you do need a treat now and then, even when you’re eating plenty of healthy and delicious meals . We found a good choice of ‘Free From’ foods in Sainsburys and bought some gluten and dairy-free naan bread to go with our curry.

The curry was a doddle to make and we’re thinking the same recipe would be great if we swapped out the chick peas for some chicken. We may try that next time.

I had a lesson in photography just before eating it. This is what happens when you put a camera right over a steaming dish of curry.

chickpea curry01

Yup, the lens gets steamed up. Doh!

After cleaning the lens and adding a generous dollop of soy yoghurt to my dinner, this is what it looked like. (taken from an angle to counteract the steam effect)

chickpea curry02

We agreed that it was one of the nicest curries we’d ever had. The softness of the chick peas, the bite of the sauce and the added texture from the spinach combined to make it absolutely delicious. The Free From naan bread was a bit crisper than normal ones but tasted lovely and went very nicely with the curry.

Then there was the dessert. Oh the smells coming from the kitchen while it was cooking. Even though we were quite full from the curry, it was making us hungry again. Finally, it came out of the oven. It could maybe have done with a little less time as the crust is a little singed around the outside. It didn’t affect the taste though.


I made the cobbler with some frozen mixed berries. The mix contained blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They went all lovely and gooey once cooked. Yum.

Served with a couple of spoons of soy yoghurt on the top. We’ve been buying the Alpro one and it is gorgeous.


You know the best thing about that dessert? There’s plenty left for tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “Curry & pudding!

  1. That curry looks just about perfect. Glad you enjoyed it. Yum yum. (I have the terrible, terrible misfortune to be married to a curry-hater.)


  2. oh yum they both look delicious. I think the cobbler may not be for me though, I had a quick look at a recipe there were a lot of mentions of coconut.


    • They were 🙂

      The curry tasted more coconutty than the cobbler actually. It was lovely and creamy. The cobbler didn’t have nearly as much coconut taste. The coconut flour didn’t taste of it, and if you used coconut oil that was flavour-free, I doubt there’d be any taste at all. I think you can sub another milk & oil too.


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