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A Storm of Swords: pt two, Blood & Gold – George R.R. Martin
This is the third book in the Game of Thrones series and is in two parts. I read part one last month and carried straight on with part two. I had to keep reading as it was so gripping. I have my favourite characters and love following their stories. The only problem is that now I want to see S3 of the TV series more than ever and reading the books was my way of catching up with the series while I can’t view it. Sigh. I gave in last night and ordered S1 – S3 on DVD. I can’t wait to see all the excitement in this series on the screen. Hope it’s as good as the first two series were.

A Feast for Crows – George R.R. Martin
I’ve started to watch the DVDs that I ordered, and have started at the first episode of Season One. Just as good as I remembered! I’m just watching one episode per day to make them last a little longer. By the time I’ve finished watching them I’m pretty sure I’ll have run out of books to read too as I’ve now finished book four and am trying very hard to resist starting book five. A Feast for Crows was another excellent book although I did miss Arya and Dany, my two favourites to read about. There were some brilliant moments though and I loved the ending. I must read my two library books next although knowing that the next book will have my favourites in it is making it call to me. Loudly.

Timesmudger – Gillian Smellie
Not one of the library books! Bad Carole. At least I managed to tear myself away from Game of Thrones though, and for a rather good book. It’s written by a friend so I downloaded it from Amazon as soon as it was available. I’d been waiting for it to be published so I could grab it. I do like anything even vaguely Timey Wimey so I had a good idea I’d enjoy this – and I did. It’s a YA book and is set in a boarding school. I loved the concept of Timesmudging. Such a clever idea and different to anything that I’ve read before. I’m hoping that Gillie is planning a sequel as I’d love to know what happens next.

A Dance of Dragons: pt. one, Dreams & Dust
The fifth book in the series and another one split into two volumes. I liked this even more than the fourth book as it has more about my favourite characters in it. Not as many shocks as some of the earlier books but still plenty of action and plenty of interesting things happening. I absolutely must read my library books before diving into part two though.

Ender’s game – Orson Scott Card 
A library book! And what an excellent book it was too. Why have I never read this before? It was well written, had great characters, and it was so very gripping. I’ve just reserved the next book in the series at the library to see if it’s as good.

The Farm – Tom Rob Smith
Another library book! I’m on a roll. I loved the author’s first three books. I thought they were amazing. They were a trilogy in the spy/thriller genre. They were also very intelligently written so I was really looking forward to reading his next book, and seeing what he would do with a different setting and characters. This one wasn’t bad, but I did find myself to be slightly disappointed as it didn’t have the same impact as the trilogy. I think if I hadn’t been looking forward to it so much, I may have enjoyed it more. Having said that, it was a good read and was written in an interesting style.

Poppet – Mo Hayder
I’ve tried to keep up to date with my favourite authors but seem to have missed this book. I only realised when I was checking out the latest one, Wolf, on Amazon. I love the characters in this series and it seems grittier than some others that I read. There has been a storyline running through the past couple of books which was wrapped up nicely in this one. I’m keen to see what happens to Jack and Flea next now that has been resolved. Sadly, Wolf has a massive wait list at the library so I’m going to have to be patient. Still, there are plenty of books on my shelves that are waiting to be read.

Threadbare – Monica Ferris
I managed to grab the next two Needlework mysteries on Amazon Marketplace last month. I’ve been waiting for them to come down in price and finally they did. This is the first of them, number 15 in the series. I was slightly disappointed in it, if I’m honest. It wasn’t as fun and interesting as they usually are. It was as if Ferris had run out of ideas as it was a bit samey. I’m hoping that was just a glitch, or maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for it. I expect I’ll find out once I read the next one.

The second life of Amy Archer – R. S. Pateman
I spotted this on the shelves at work and after reading the blurb on the back, reserved it at the library. Amy goes missing at the age of ten, and then, ten years later, she reappears. The thing that made this book so appealing is that when she reappears, she’s still ten years old. Once you start reading, the reason for this becomes clear but all the way through you’re left wondering what is true and what isn’t. The book has one of those endings that leaves you still wondering, but I didn’t mind that. The book was well written and enjoyable. I liked that it was a bit different.

The hen of the Baskervilles – Donna Andrews
I love these books! This one was set at the Un-fair, an unauthorised version of the state fair, and was full of rare breed animals. There was the usual chaos and lots of amusing moments. I really enjoyed it.

Hour game – David Baldacci
This is the second book in the King & Maxwell series. Tree has been telling me how good the books are so I’m working my way through them. I really liked this one. The first book introduced the characters nicely, and this one carries on from there. I didn’t see the ending coming, or guess the murderer. The second half of the book was so exciting that I couldn’t put it down. I may be reading book three fairly soon.


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