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That log cabin afghan


I have finally finished crocheting all the squares. Hooray! There are 24 of them. I was toying with the idea of doing one more to make a square afghan, but after consulting with He Who Will Be Using it, I settled on a 6 x 4 rectangle.


All I have to do now, is decide how to lay the squares out. I’ve just spent some time putting them in various configurations on the floor. Problem is, I now have too much choice and can’t decide.

There’s this way, where all the squares are facing the same way.


I quite like it, but is it a bit boring?

Then there’s this way, which makes a square pattern.


And a variation on that.



There’s this way that creates a cross in the centre.


And this that makes a wiggly sort of pattern.


I rather like the wiggly one.

Finally, I did this. I’m not altogether sure what it is, but it’s another possibility.


I think that one looked better in my head.

It’s probably between the wiggly one and the first one but I’m open to suggestions.

Of course, I still haven’t decided how to join the squares either. After all the time I’ve spent making them, I don’t want to spoil my afghan by using the wrong joining method. There are some lovely methods on this blog but I’m leaning towards this at the moment. It’s simple and should look good with my squares. Some of the other methods are lovely though…


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6 thoughts on “That log cabin afghan

  1. I’m not usually so unoriginal, but actually I like the first one – all laid out the same way. But however you’re going to arrange them, it’s going to be stunning.


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