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Garden update – I have herbs!


The garden is coming along slowly. We’re not ready to put in the raised beds yet as there is a lot more to be done but I have planted up a few of the pots that were lurking in the corner. We’re using fresh herbs quite often with all the cooking that I’m doing so thought it’d make sense to get some growing sooner rather than later.


That’s most of the ones that I’ve been using but there are a few more that I’d like to add to the collection. Many years ago I grew herbs and had many different ones. I had about twelve different varieties of mint, all the usual culinary herbs plus loads of more unusual ones. It was a passion of mine for several years.

At the moment I just have one mint plant but am looking out for a couple of the others that I grew before that have good flavours.


The left side of the garden is hard going. It’s taken ages to get the gravel up and there’s still some left. As fast as we get rid of the brambles, more grow. We’re having to use a pickaxe to get the roots up. We’ll get there though and we can now see where the garden ends and the path begins. We can also not only see the path, but walk up it, so that’s a huge improvement.


The right side is looking very different now. Most of the paved area has been cleared and the ivy has been cleared from around the side of the shed. Stephen has been working hard over there but the main problem we have is getting rid of the garden waste. Since they introduced a charge for garden waste removal, the tips have had massive queues as most of us do not want to pay the new charge. Some of ours can be composted but there’s a lot of weeds in there that I wouldn’t compost. In the meantime, we’re storing it in bags up the back of the jungle.


Look at all that patio that’s now visible. we can even get into the greenhouse now. Or we could if it wasn’t full of loft boards and insulation. Don’t ask…

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8 thoughts on “Garden update – I have herbs!

  1. I don’t think you can call it a jungle anymore, you can see all of the hard work that you’ve both put in. Bet those pots of lovely herbs smell wonderful 😀


  2. Your herb pots are looking great and the rest of the garden is as well- how exciting, I’d be in full planning mode!!


  3. It’s so satisfying to clear a garden when you start seeing progress!


  4. You’ve made so much progress in the jungle! When I was 14 we moved to another house and Dad cleared the jungle there. It took months of hard labour so I know what you are up against. We have photos of Dad standing in the garden. You can’t see him but we know he was there! good luck with the herb garden 🙂


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