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The Martian – Andy Weir
This was brilliant! A superb piece of sci-fi, and I really didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t put it down either, as I really needed to know how it turned out. I guess I was slightly conflicted as I both wanted to get to the end, but didn’t want it to finish.
The main character is alone on Mars. The rest of the team has left, thinking he was dead. The story is how he survives, and what NASA does to help him. The characters in it, especially Mark, are great. Mark is so likeable that you get really caught up in his story and are willing him to make it. I’d read another book by this author in a flash, if only there were one. Hopefully there will be soon.

Grave peril – Jim Butcher
Now that I have the latest book in the Harry Dresden series, I feel the need to carry on reading through all the earlier books. I don’t usually do this with a series but I’ve been waiting so impatiently for the latest book and this will make the experience last longer. Otherwise the book will be gone in a few hours and then I’ll have to wait ages for the next one. This may seem like an odd solution, but it works for me ๐Ÿ™‚
I’d forgotten a lot of the plot in this book so really enjoyed it and am going to carry straight onto the next one.

Summer knight – Jim Butcher
This was just as good as the first time that I read it, despite remembering a lot of what happened, including who the murderer was. I loved it.

Tumbling blocks – Earlene Fowler
I was tempted to read another Dresden, but wanted to read a real book instead of something on the Kindle. Sometimes I just need the smell and feel of the paper. I fancied something light so grabbed one of the Benni Harper mysteries. I love these books and this one was just as good as the others in the series. Benni is pretty much forced to investigate a death that her boss insists is a murder, although no-one else thinks so. She also has to contend with the arrival of her mother-in-law for Christmas. Benni’s life is never boring.

The square root of murder – Ada Madison
This is one of the books in the last box that I had from Tree. I do like a cosy mystery now and then and this one sounded a bit different. This one had a maths teacher in a university as the main character, hence the title. I quite liked it but don’t feel the urge to read any more in the series.

Death masks – Jim Butcher
At the moment it seems to be that if in doubt, read another Harry Dresden. I’m loving these just as much the second time around and am getting closer to reading the new one.

Blood rites – Jim Butcher
And another Harry Dresden. This was the one with the White Court and Thomas. Loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

Perfect match – Katie Fforde
A break from the Harry Dresden books to read a library book that I’ve been waiting for. I usually love Fforde’s books, but I didn’t feel this one was up to her usual standard. It felt a bit too formulaic. Ok, so her books are a bit samey, most chicklit seems to be, but not like this one. It was slightly boring, to be honest. I liked it enough to finish it, but I do hope the next one is more like her earlier books.

Dead beat – Jim Butcher
Harry Dresden #7 and another re-read. I loved this one the first time around and I loved it again this time. I’d forgotten all about Sue the dinosaur so that part was a joy to read again. This one is the one with the Necromancers and is full of action and mayhem. I love Butters and he was one of the main characters in this so that was something else that I really enjoyed. On to book eight.

Proven guilty – Jim Butcher
I’d been waiting for this book as it’s one of my favourites in the series. It’s the one with Molly and Charity, and the return of Lily and Fix. I love White Council scene at the end. I think I may move straight on to book nine now as I’m on a roll.

Dead scared – Sharon Bolton
I’ve interrupted this Dresden-fest to read a library book that just came in. It wasn’t much of an interruption as I sat and read this in one go. It was just that good. It’s book two in the Lacey Flint series and is the best that I’ve read by this author so far, and I loved the others too. It was a cracking read and I’ve just popped onto the library website and ordered up book three. I’m very tempted to Kindle it, but I shall be patient.

High rollers – Jack Bowman
I really do not like censorship of books in any shape or form. When we were told to take thisย off sale at work, it just made me want to read it – so I did. I downloaded it to my Kindle as soon as I got home and read it the next day. I liked it. I liked it a lot. It’s about a chap who investigates plane crashes and some planes that crash, to put it in a nutshell. On the cover it says “Do not read this book on a plane” and I can see why it might make some people nervous. I love flying though and it’ll take more than a book with lots of gory details about the aftermath of a plane crash to put me off.

A dance with dragons: pt two, After the feast – George R.R. Martin
Wow. Just wow. I’ve just finished this and I’m now desperate to read the next one, if only there was one. I really hope we don’t have to wait too long for it. I’m stunned at some of the things that happened in this one and ‘need’ to know what happens next to some of the characters. Please hurry up with book six Mr. Martin.

White night – Jim Butcher
Another Harry Dresden, and another brilliant story. This was one of my favourites when I first read it and it was just as good the second time around.

Small favour – Jim Butcher
I love it when Dresden seems backed into a corner and still he finds a way out, although sometimes more by luck than judgement. I’m getting to some of the more recent ones now so not long before I can read the new one. Back to the library books first though.


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3 thoughts on “Books read in June

  1. I needed a suggestion my new Kindle so of course your blog was the obvious answer.

    I’ve just read The Martian on the back of your review and really enjoyed it. Now what to read next?


  2. I read The Martian too in 2014 and oh god I loved it so much !!! My husband had just read it and was really into it, telling me how much it was a great book for an engineer like him…I wanted to give it a try but I thought it would be too complicated for me (English is not my language and I was afraid of the science parts…) but I LOVED it !!!! I was so addicted to the last chapter that I was late to pick up my son at school this day ^^
    I saw that they are making a movie this year…
    I have to go and check the rest of your blog as I see that we share books and cross stitch as hobbies (and wee little stitch ! )

    (I have a small blog myself if you want to check it ou : http://maevahk.wix.com/drinkteaandreadbooks ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It was so hard to put down, wasn’t it. I’m thinking I might read it again. I can’t wait for the film. Hopefully it’ll do the book justice.

      I’ll go and look at your blog now ๐Ÿ™‚


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