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Jungle update – and now there are veg


The Jungle is gradually starting to look more like a garden. The tomatoes and herbs are growing nicely and seem to be enjoying the sunshine. We even have several tomatoes on each of the plants.


I’ve also planted some tubs up with different veg. I have loads of different planters and tubs from when I grew lots of flowers and salad before so there are plenty for me to play with. We’re still in the process of clearing the area where we want to put the raised beds so I have the planters on the path at the moment.

So far I’ve got radishes, which are coming on splendidly, plus spring onions, salad leaves and carrots.


I’m going to sow some more seeds in the next few days to get a staggered harvest. I’m really thrilled to be growing stuff again.

Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Jungle update – and now there are veg

  1. Looking good – you’ve got lots of tomatoes, we’ve got lots of cucumbers!


  2. Nice job, you’re doing.


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