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Our little helpers


We’ve got quite a few birds that come to visit our garden, usually just after we’ve been working out there and disturbing the earth. There are some blackbirds that I think are nesting in the trees at the back as we see them a lot. There’s one that may be a coal tit or something very similar. It’s very shy so I haven’t got close enough for a really good look.

We also have three robins that spend a lot of time in the garden. They’re really bold and cheeky and follow Stephen around as he works. He’s started throwing the bugs to them and they hop down and eat them.

Quite often one will sit and watch Stephen from the shed roof before flying down to see what’s been unearthed. We love to watch them.

I finally managed to catch a couple of photos today. This chap is sitting on the shed roof, watching Stephen dig.


And then I got lucky and got a shot just as he looked straight at me.


He’s probably wondering if I’m going to dig up some grubs for him too.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Our little helpers

  1. Lovely robin! I’ve never seen a robin here (South of France) and I miss them (we used to see loads when we lived in Ireland).


  2. You got a couple of very nice shots. Pretty bird. Do you have woodpeckers there? We have 4 different kinds just in my yard. They start pounding away at the mostly dead tree very early in the morning. Enjoy your garden. Lucy


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