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Oh the excitement! Today I picked our first veg from the garden. The radishes were growing like the clappers and when I checked, some were ready to be pulled.


See, I was so excited that I rushed to take a photo before I’d even washed them. I wonder what I’ll be like when these are ready.


The trailing tomatoes are smothered in fruits and flowers. I’m hoping for a bumper crop from them.

While I was in the garden this morning, I gave the plants a bit of love, taking off dead leaves etc. The yellow tomatoes in the pots had a lot of leaf so I trimmed some off to give the inside of the plants some air and let the sun get to the tomatoes that were hidden in the centre.

And, look what I found.


Our first two tomatoes. I’m starting to remember why I loved gardening so much before.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Radishes!

  1. I have to try Golden beetroot next year. I love beetroot 🙂


  2. yummy ^^
    hope you’re going to use the radish leaves too, for soup, so that nothing goes to waste


  3. Yay hurrah!!! I’m excited for you!! I need to plant some more radishes, got none left. Much of what I had has gone to flower/seed now! I need to get planting again. Although there are lots of gorgeous smelling sweet peas, some ordinary peas too and today I am going to pull up some golden beetroot. My patch is a bit neglected just now!


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