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Like this, for ever – Sharon Bolton
I got the next in the Lacey Flint series from the library and it was just as good as the earlier ones. The tension keeps rising and there are twists and more twists that kept me glued to the pages. I’m so glad that I had the foresight to order the next book from the library too.

A dark and twisted tide – Sharon Bolton
Brilliant! Lacey has now left the Met and has transferred to the river police. She’s living on the boat that featured in the last book. She has another bad case thrust upon her and once again the book is filled with twists and turns. What I love about these books is that several people are subtly suggested as the killers, but the truth is stranger and often darker. This one had a cracking finish to it and I’m now going to wait impatiently for the next one to be written.
One more library book to read and then it’s back to the Harry Dresden books.

Turncoat – Jim Butcher
It was no good. Despite having that library book waiting, I couldn’t help myself from reading another of the Harry Dresden books. This is the one where Morgan comes to Harry for help and sets up some of the events to come in the books after it. Even though I’d remembered who the killer was, it was still a brilliant read. Must read that library book next though.

Top secret twenty-one – Janet Evanovich
This was the one from the library and is the latest in the Stephanie Plum series. It was just as enjoyable as the previous ones. I’m showing no signs of getting bored with Ms. Plum just yet. I love the scrapes she gets herself into.

Changes – Jim Butcher
And back to the Harry Dresden series. This is flat-out my favourite of them all so far. All seems hopeless when Dresden discovers that he has a daughter, and the Red Court has kidnapped her with the intention of sacrificing her. His efforts to find out where she is and rescue her are thwarted by the vampires resulting in a severe injury. The ending to this is outstanding and when I read it the first time around, made me desperate to read the next book in the series.

The last town – Blake Crouch
Harry had to wait a little while as my pre-order of the final book in the Wayward Pines series was ready to download. I have waited impatiently for this as the first two books were excellent. This one was a super read too and with an interesting ending. I really think we need another book.

State fair – Earlene Fowler
After reading the last two books on my Kindle, I felt the need for a real book next. I wanted the feel and smell of the paper. Much as I love my Kindle, sometimes only the real thing will do. So, I grabbed one of the books sent to me by Tree – the next in the Benni Harper mysteries. I love this series. They’re very well written for a cosy mystery and usually touch on some quite serious subjects. This one did not disappoint. Back to the Harry Dresden books next though. Harry is calling to me.

Ghost story – Jim Butcher
Oh this was just brilliant. Even though I knew how it was going to end, I still loved it. I can’t wait to read the next one but more library books are calling first. Just as well really, as I’m going to be gutted when I’ve read the latest one and then have to wait ages for another.

Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe – Jenny Colgan
I spotted this in the library while I was waiting for Jackie to check her book stash out. I honestly didn’t mean to get any more library books that day but this one leapt out at me. Maybe I’m missing cake while I’m on my dairy & gluten-free diet. Sigh. But, back to the book. I really enjoyed it. I’ve read others by the author and liked them. Not enough to make me want to rush out and get all of her others but enough that I’ve ordered the sequel to this one from the library. I don’t mind a bit of chick lit now and then.

Cold days – Jim Butcher
This leads on from Ghost story brilliantly. The ending gave me goose bumps, even reading it the second time and knowing what was going to happen. Last time I read it, I almost howled in frustration at the end though, as I knew it would be at least a year before I got my hands on the next one. Not this time, as I have it ready on my Kindle so I’ll be diving straight into it.

Skin game – Jim Butcher 
Oh wow. That was worth waiting for. The bits with Butters were excellent and I loved what happened to him. It was great having the Carpenters back and I cannot wait to read more about Molly. All in all, another terrific read.

Eeny Meeny – M. J. Arlidge 
I was feeling a bit down, having finished all the Harry Dresden books. I had this one from the library though so thought I’d see if it could pick me up. It wasn’t bad. It was a touch predictable but nicely written and I liked the main character. I’m not sure if I’ll read any more in the series, but if I spot one in the library, I could be tempted.


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