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We’ve had quite a few birds coming into the garden, most of which I could easily identify. There’s one though that I wasn’t sure about. I’ve been stalking him for ages trying to get a photo so I could check him against the pictures on the RSPB website. I’d looked on there but couldn’t keep his markings in my head for long enough to make an ID.

A few days ago, we dug out, and I mean literally dug out, the old bird bath. I gave it a quick rinse and popped some water in it. It needs a really good clean and to be put somewhere better. Also upright as it currently resembles the leaning tower of Pisa. I’ll sort that out soon.

For now though, the blackbird has really been enjoying it and the robins have been down a couple of times too. Today I finally spotted the mystery bird in there and managed to sneak a couple of photos through the doors to avoid spooking him.


He seemed to love it in there and really had a good splash about.


Finally, he turned around so I could get a reasonable shot of his back to help with that identification.



I’d been fairly certain that he was one of the tits, but I’d thought he’d be a blue tit or a coal tit. Now I’ve seen him close up, via the photo, and compared him to the pictures on the RSPB identifier, I’m sure he’s a great tit. His head markings are different to the blue tit.

I’m chuffed to bits to have identified him and I love seeing him around the garden. Of course, if anyone thinks I’ve got the ID wrong, I’d love to hear.


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2 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Great pics! It’s like he was posing for you!


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